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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2019 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""API for uploading CrOS build artifacts to Google Storage."""
import os
from recipe_engine import recipe_api
from PB.chromite.api import artifacts
from PB.chromiumos.builder_config import BuilderConfig
ARTIFACTS_SERVICE = 'chromite.api.ArtifactsService'
# Maps artifact type to corresponding build API endpoint.
# Note for maintainers: this dictionary must be kept in sync
# with the Starlark config.
BuilderConfig.Artifacts.IMAGE_ZIP: 'BundleImageZip',
BuilderConfig.Artifacts.TEST_UPDATE_PAYLOAD: 'BundleTestUpdatePayloads',
BuilderConfig.Artifacts.AUTOTEST_FILES: 'BundleAutotestFiles',
BuilderConfig.Artifacts.TAST_FILES: 'BundleTastFiles',
BuilderConfig.Artifacts.PINNED_GUEST_IMAGES: 'BundlePinnedGuestImages',
BuilderConfig.Artifacts.FIRMWARE: 'BundleFirmware',
BuilderConfig.Artifacts.EBUILD_LOGS: 'BundleEbuildLogs',
class CrosArtifactsApi(recipe_api.RecipeApi):
"""A module for bundling and uploading build artifacts."""
def _get_endpoint(self, artifact):
"""Return the callable endpoint in ArtifactsService for this artifact.
artifact (ArtifactTypes): The artifact type to bundle.
callable: The ArtifactsService endpoint.
assert artifact in ENDPOINTS_BY_ARTIFACT, (
'Could not find build API endpoint for bundling artifact %s. '
'You may need to sync the cros_artifacts recipe endpoint dictionary '
'with the current build config.' % artifact_name)
return getattr(self.m.cros_build_api.ArtifactsService,
def _bundle_artifact(self, artifact, target, path):
"""Defer to the build API to bundle the given artifact.
artifact (ArtifactTypes): The artifact to bundle.
target (BuildTarget): The build target to bundle artifacts for.
path (Path): Path to output artifact bundles.
tuple(str, list[str]): Artifact name, list of artifact file paths
relative to |path|.
artifact_name = BuilderConfig.Artifacts.ArtifactTypes.Name(artifact)
with self.m.step.nest('bundle %s for upload' % artifact_name):
endpoint = self._get_endpoint(artifact)
request = artifacts.BundleRequest(build_target=target,
response = endpoint(request, infra_step=True)
artifact_files = [
os.path.relpath(art.path, str(path)) for art in response.artifacts
return artifact_name, artifact_files
def artifacts_gs_path(self, target, kind):
"""Returns the GS path for artifacts of the given kind for the given target.
The resulting path will NOT include the GS bucket.
target (BuildTarget): The target whose artifacts will be uploaded.
kind (BuilderConfig.Id.Type): The kind of artifacts being uploaded,
e.g. POSTSUBMIT. Used as a descriptor in the GS path.
The GS path at which artifacts should be uploaded.
label = BuilderConfig.Id.Type.Name(kind).lower().replace('_', '-')
version = self.m.cros_version.read_workspace_version()
build_id =
return '%s-%s/%s-%d' % (, label, version, build_id)
def upload_artifacts(self, target, kind, gs_bucket, artifacts, name=None):
"""Bundle and upload the given artifacts for the given build target.
This function sets the "artifacts" output property to include the
GS bucket, the path within that bucket, and a dict mapping artifact
to a list of artifact paths (relative to the GS path) for each artifact
type that was uploaded.
target (BuildTarget): The build target with artifacts of interest.
kind (BuilderConfig.Id.Type): The kind of artifacts being uploaded,
e.g. POSTSUBMIT. This affects where the artifacts are placed in
Google Storage.
gs_bucket (str): Google storage bucket to upload artifacts to.
artifacts (list[ArtifactTypes]): List of artifacts
to upload. See build config for options.
name (str): The step name. Defaults to 'upload artifacts'.
with self.m.step.nest(name or 'upload artifacts'):
staging_root = self.m.path.mkdtemp(prefix='artifacts')
files_by_artifact = {}
for artifact in artifacts:
name, files = self._bundle_artifact(artifact, target, staging_root)
files_by_artifact[name] = files
gs_path = self.artifacts_gs_path(target, kind)
upload_uri = 'gs://%s/%s' % (gs_bucket, gs_path)
for retries in range(3):
self.m.gsutil(['rsync', staging_root, upload_uri],
parallel_upload=True, multithreaded=True,
except recipe_api.StepFailure as ex:
if ex.had_timeout and retries < 2:
'artifacts', {
'gs_bucket': gs_bucket,
'gs_path': gs_path,
'files_by_artifact': files_by_artifact,
}, step_name='output artifact GS paths')
def download_artifact(self, build_payload, artifact, name=None):
"""Download the given artfiact from the given build payload.
build_payload (BuildPayload): Describes where the artifact is on GS.
artifact (ArtifactType): The artifact to download.
list[Path]: Paths to the files downloaded from GS.
ValueError: If the artifact is not found in the build payload.
artifact_name = BuilderConfig.Artifacts.ArtifactTypes.Name(artifact)
gs_bucket = build_payload.artifacts_gs_bucket
gs_path = build_payload.artifacts_gs_path
# TODO(evanhernandez): Pass this dict through BuildPayload.
gs_file_names = {
'IMAGE_ZIP': [''],
if gs_file_names is None:
raise ValueError('artifact %s not found in payload' % artifact_name)
with self.m.step.nest(name or 'download %s' % artifact_name):
download_root = self.m.path.mkdtemp(prefix='%s-' % artifact_name)
download_paths = []
for gs_file_name in gs_file_names:
download_path = download_root.join(gs_file_name), os.path.join(gs_path, gs_file_name),
return download_paths
def download_artifacts(self, build_payload, artifacts, name=None):
"""Download the given artifacts from the given build payload.
build_payload (BuildPayload): Describes where build artifacts are on GS.
artifacts (list[ArtifactTypes]): The artifact types to download.
name (str): The step name. Defaults to 'download artifacts'.
dict: Maps ArtifactType to list[Path] representing downloaded files.
ValueError: If any artifact is not found in the build payload.
with self.m.step.nest(name or 'download artifacts'):
return {
artifact: self.download_artifact(build_payload, artifact)
for artifact in artifacts