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  1. Put your Google gCloud SDK to ~/google-cloud-sdk.

    SDK download page

  2. Install App Engine SDK to ~/google-cloud-sdk:

     ~/google-cloud-sdk/bin/gcloud components install app-engine-python
  3. Run python to download third-party libraries and credentials.

Known Issues

  1. Failed to install third-packages in requirement.txt:

    Workround: Run pip install -t lib -r requirements.txt locally on your workstation to verify whether it could work.

  2. Failed to download credentials from ‘gs://’:

    Workround: Run gsutil ls gs:// locally on your workstation to verify whether you can fetch credentials with gsutil.

    If there's any auth issue, it may be because

    a. You‘re not using your corp account to login gcloud. Please run gcloud auth list to check what’s the used account for gcloud.

    b. Your corp account is not whitelisted by suite-scheduler project. Please contact @xixuan to whitelist your ldap.

How to test:

  1. Presubmit will kick off sanity test for verifying suite_scheduler.ini:

     python --test_type sanity
  2. Run unittest:

     python' or 'python --test_type unittest
  3. Run integration test:

     python --test_type integration
  4. Run tests with debug mode:

     python --debug