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Scheduke is the build task scheduler for Chromium OS infrastructure.

Currently this repository contains the scheduling simulator code in simulator/ and scheduler/


This project requires the following python packages:

  • yapf
  • sortedcontainers
  • fnvhash

Common issues

Missing yapf style

If you encounter an issue similar to this:

  File "*/yapf/yapflib/", line 680, in _CreateStyleFromConfigParser
    base_style = _STYLE_NAME_TO_FACTORY[based_on]()
KeyError: 'yapf'

You'll need to update your yapf version to the latest, or at least 0.31 or later. Note that there might be another copy of yapf in depot_tools and the depot_tools should be updated as well.

Run the scheduling service locally

  • Set up sudoless docker if you haven‘t--it’s required for gcloud and docker to work together.

  • Build the image

  • Launch a container with the image

    • To send a request to the container
      curl localhost:8080/device_event
  • To open a shell into the image