Test plan generator sample

So you want to try running the test plan generator locally? Cool! Alright, you‘re going to have to do a bit of setup, and you’ll have to be a Googler.

  1. Have the test_planner repo (you're in it now) checked out (see https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromiumos/infra/test_planner).
  2. Have a local chromiumos repo checkout.
  3. Have depot_tools (in particular, the repo command) on your PATH.
  4. Have Golang >=1.12 installed.

OK, now edit gen_test_plan_input.json and replace the REPLACE strings.

This might look something like

  "chromiumos_checkout_root": "/home/sean/chromiumos",
  "buildbucket_protos": [
      "serialized_proto": "SomeBase64EncodedBuildBucketBuildProto"
      "serialized_proto": "SomeOtherBase64EncodedBuildBucketBuildProto"

Alright, now you'll need to get OAuth credentials to run the program:

# Get to this folder in the repo
# cd test_planner/src/testplans/
go run cmd/test_plan_generator/main.go auth-login

And now you can actually run it:

go run cmd/test_plan_generator/main.go gen-test-plan \
    --input_json=$PWD/cmd/test_plan_generator/sample/input.json \