Snapshots of manifests for specific ChromiumOS versions; must be fast-forward only for manifest_version / mvp logic.

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  1. c50707a Creating buildspec: buildspecs/121/15684.11.0.xml by chromeos-ci-prod · 40 minutes ago main master
  2. d4a355a Creating buildspec: buildspecs/121/15684.10.0.xml by chromeos-ci-prod · 26 hours ago
  3. 7ec8856 Creating buildspec: buildspecs/89/13700.180.0.xml by chromeos-ci-prod · 35 hours ago
  4. 400f9ba Creating buildspec: buildspecs/87/13427.230.0.xml by chromeos-ci-prod · 2 days ago
  5. cc546c5 Creating buildspec: buildspecs/121/15684.8.0.xml by chromeos-ci-prod · 2 days ago

This REPO is to structurally store our buildspec informations for later use.

Description of the directory structure.

buildspecs - all the builds that we have attempted

variants - directory of all the various boards/variations of builds that we do

variants//pass - Build specs for all the succesful builds for that variant variants//fail - Build specs for all the failed builds for that variant variants//inflight - Build specs for the build that's currently ongoing.