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  1. LKGM-candidates-test/
  2. LKGM-candidates/
  3. LKGM/
  5. android-LKGM-candidates/
  6. build-name/
  7. buildspecs/
  8. chrome-LKGM-candidates/
  9. full/
  10. incremental/
  11. paladin/
  12. postsubmit/
  13. project-sdk/
  14. releasespecs/
  15. toolchain/

This REPO is to structurally store our buildspec informations for later use.

Description of the directory structure.

buildspecs - all the builds that we have attempted

variants - directory of all the various boards/variations of builds that we do

variants//pass - Build specs for all the succesful builds for that variant variants//fail - Build specs for all the failed builds for that variant variants//inflight - Build specs for the build that's currently ongoing.