Chromium OS repo manifest (for `repo init`)

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IMPORTANT: Changes to this repo must also be made in the private manfest repo Automated sync between manifest-internal and manifest is not yet set up.

Repo Groups

Repo is the tool that we use to manage our local checkouts. It parses the manifest specified by the default.xml file. The name of the manifest can be ovverriden using -m. One could also check out a subset of the manifest using the repo groups feature. This section documents the important groups that are part of the default chromiumos manifest.


This group is the minimum subset of repos needed to do a full build of Chrome OS. It doesn't include all of the repos to necessarily test the OS image but does include all those needed to create an iamge.


The subset of repos needed to perform release actions i.e. payload generation, etc. Used by release engineers, TPMs, and Infra team members. Note this group isn't useful without a checkout of manifest-internal.


Tools needed to perform routine lab administrative actions like DUT re-allocation or lab server management.