Syncing with internal manifest

Cr-Automation-Id: cros_source/push_uprevs
Change-Id: I05359098adb4c15e31f5e1877fb7a1e8f09fc85b
diff --git a/_kernel_upstream.xml b/_kernel_upstream.xml
index a54ddff..3ab20e0 100644
--- a/_kernel_upstream.xml
+++ b/_kernel_upstream.xml
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
   <project path="src/third_party/kernel/upstream"
-           revision="refs/heads/merge/continuous/chromeos-kernelupstream-5.18-rc3">
+           revision="refs/heads/merge/continuous/chromeos-kernelupstream-5.18-rc6">
     <!-- This repo is only used in ToT for upstream development
          syncing and will never be used in branches.  Pin to a
          commit when branching to avoid creating a lot of unused branches. -->