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# Copyright (c) 2009 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
# Chrome binaries currently use libjpeg-6b, so we need to mask out libjpeg-7
# TODO: Fix cross compile autoconf failure.
# TODO: Update our overlay to work with python-2.6.4-r1
# TODO: Newer versions don't compile properly due to missing dm_* headers.
# TODO: ARM is temporarily stuck on mesa-7.5.1-r1 but x86 uses a newer
# version so we mask out only mesa-7.5.2 here. This is a temporary measure
# until we can get per-board cascading profile support.
# TODO: Fix lsof to cross compile on ARM
# TODO: Fix cross compile on ARM of gdbm-1.8.3-r4
# TODO: Fails with message about not knowing what kernel to use.
# Also applies patch which allows fuse to be linked with gold:
# TODO: The dbus-python-0.83.1 ebuild puts stuff in /usr/lib64.
# libpng security vulnerability fix
# The following are here because we override the ebuilds from the
# portage tree for a reason other than adding an ebuild from upstream
# that wasn't yet in our portage tree. We want to keep using our
# version of these packages even if a newer stable version becomes
# available in portage:
# Required patch; pending work to upstream.
# Cross compile fix in the ebuild, and patch(es) from the upstream.
# Cross compile fix in the ebuild (Icedtea -> cups -> libgcrypt).
# Masked all upstream ebuilds, unupstreamable work in local copy
# Masked all upstream ebuilds
# Avoid using old known-vulnerable versions. Upstream also installs the
# plugin to a different place than where the chromeos-chrome ebuild expects
# to find it, so ensure that we don't start using newer upstream versions.
# Masked old packages that had old ${PV} numbering scheme
# Custom patches
# Mask until chromiumos specific patches are added to newer upstream ebuilds