Master overlay to hold custom eclasses and related data (that override all others including portage-stable)

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  1. c997d4f acct-group/plugdev: add stub by Dan Callaghan · 3 days ago main
  2. f3163de vtpm: add users/group for vtpm daemon by Leo Lai · 7 weeks ago factory-14778.B factory-firmware-ti50-guc-14778.B release-R102-14695.B release-R103-14816.B stabilize-14682.B stabilize-14771.B stabilize-14790.B stabilize-14803.B stabilize-14839.B
  3. 7389b74 RGB Keyboard: Add rgbkbd group/user by Michael Checo · 9 weeks ago stabilize-14616.B stabilize-14633.B stabilize-voshyr-14637.B
  4. 90e190b eclass/meson.eclass: print error logs for failing tests by Daniel Campello · 2 months ago factory-guybrush-14600.B release-R101-14588.B stabilize-14588.14.B stabilize-14588.98.B stabilize-14589.B
  5. 0acf891 meson.eclass: Set exe_wrapper when python2 is not used by Daniel Campello · 2 months ago
  6. 7c0651c eclass/meson.eclass: uprev to upstream version by Daniel Campello · 3 months ago
  7. b666aa4 Restore ntp user and group by Rocky Tatiefo · 3 months ago stabilize-14536.B
  8. c16f4f6 Add u2f to group tss by Howard Yang · 3 months ago stabilize-14532.B
  9. 84a1297 eclass: Add mojo-service-manager user and group by Chung-Sheng Wu · 3 months ago release-R100-14526.B stabilize-14526.57.B stabilize-14526.67.B stabilize-14526.73.B stabilize-14526.84.B stabilize-14526.89.B stabilize-14528.B stabilize-quickfix-14526.91.B
  10. 5525986 eclass: Add hiberman as a user and group by Evan Green · 4 months ago factory-brya-14517.B factory-cherry-14455.B firmware-brya-14505.B firmware-cherry-14454.B firmware-guybrush-14500.B release-R99-14469.B stabilize-14469.41.B stabilize-14469.58.B stabilize-14469.8.B stabilize-14469.9.B stabilize-14477.B stabilize-14496.B stabilize-14498.B stabilize-wristpin-14469.59.B
  11. 809362e Add scalerd group/user by Kyle Williams · 5 months ago stabilize-14411.B stabilize-14438.B stabilize-14442.B
  12. 52d4c05 cros-disks: Add {group,user}/fuse-fusebox by Nigel Tao · 5 months ago
  13. 8410be9 cros-disk: remove disk from mkfs's supplementary groups by Marcello Salomao · 6 months ago factory-kukui-14374.B release-R98-14388.B stabilize-14385.B stabilize-14388.52.B stabilize-14388.61.B stabilize-14388.62.B stabilize-14395.B stabilize-14396.B
  14. 6cc9fa0 cros-disks: Add mkfs user by Marcello Salomao · 6 months ago
  15. 5a197e9 shill: vpn: create 'ppp' group for /dev/ppp permission control by Taoyu Li · 6 months ago
  16. 8306096 eclass-overlay: defunct user 'openvpn' by Taoyu Li · 7 months ago stabilize-14345.B
  17. c47371f accounts: Add 'secanomaly' to 'crash-access'. by Jorge Lucangeli Obes · 7 months ago stabilize-14336.B
  18. f8b38fb group: Remove root from chronos-access and update comment. by Allen Webb · 7 months ago stabilize-14333.B
  19. 0a1646b eclass: Add spaced to chronos-access by Sarthak Kukreti · 7 months ago release-R97-14324.B stabilize-14312.B stabilize-14321.B stabilize-14324.13.B stabilize-14324.41.B stabilize-14324.62.B stabilize-14324.72.B
  20. 5897f5d video: Add cros_healthd by Kerker Yang · 8 months ago firmware-chameleon-14280.B firmware-cr50-stab-14294.B firmware-cr50-stab-mp-14300.B release-R96-14268.B stabilize-14238.B stabilize-14249.B stabilize-14267.B stabilize-14268.51.B stabilize-14268.67.B stabilize-14285.B