Master overlay to hold custom eclasses and related data (that override all others including portage-stable)

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  1. d06fc2b Add user and group for the u2f daemon by Vincent Palatin · 2 hours ago master
  2. b4245d7 Add plugdev group for openocd-0.10.0 by Daisuke Nojiri · 34 hours ago
  3. c78a463 Add touch_firmware_calibration user & group by Jingkui Wang · 34 hours ago
  4. 3253531 add a new user and group for nfs-ganesha by Abbas Naderi · 4 days ago factory-eve-9667.B
  5. 3b2e58a Add hammerd user/group. by Chih-Yu Huang · 2 weeks ago
  6. 200ffee cros-constants.eclass: add CROS_GIT_AOSP_URL by Yunlian Jiang · 3 weeks ago firmware-twinkie-9628.B
  7. ad5d44f add rtanalytics to the video group by Patrick Yannul · 4 weeks ago release-R60-9592.B stabilize-9592.15.B
  8. f8d380e Add user and group for rtanalytics by Patrick Yannul · 5 weeks ago firmware-eve-9584.B
  9. a175282 Add user and group for CFM devices applications by Zhongze Hu · 6 weeks ago stabilize-9554.B
  10. 48c2f13 Add 'firewall' user for firewalld. by Jorge Lucangeli Obes · 8 weeks ago firmware-rowan-9516.B stabilize-9517.B
  11. 28e9977 Add midis user to audio group by Prashant Malani · 3 months ago release-R59-9460.B stabilize-9428.B stabilize-9430.B stabilize-9460.23.B stabilize-9460.4.B stabilize-9460.40.B stabilize-9460.60.B stabilize-9460.66.B
  12. 924c873 Add user for midis client and server. by Prashant Malani · 3 months ago
  13. b90d9c9 Add atrus user/group by Emil Lundmark · 4 months ago
  14. 31828d5 Add a touch_keyboard user & group by Charlie Mooney · 5 months ago firmware-cr50-9308.24.B firmware-cr50-9308.B release-R58-9334.B stabilize-9313.B stabilize-9334.58.B stabilize-M58-9334.41.0.B
  15. 16a835c authpolicy: Add authpolicyd-exec user and group by Lutz Justen · 6 months ago release-R57-9202.B stabilize-9093.B stabilize-9157.B stabilize-9199.B stabilize-9202.18.B stabilize-9202.28.B stabilize-9202.56.B stabilize-9202.64.B stabilize-9202.B stabilize-M57-9202.35.0.B stabilize-fsi-9202.10.B stabilize-fsi-9202.5.0.B
  16. a783b6a Add arc-networkd user by Kevin Cernekee · 7 months ago
  17. d1f3772 biod: add biod to daemon-store group by Mengqi Guo · 7 months ago firmware-reef-9042.87.B firmware-reef-9042.B firmware-servo-9040.B
  18. 4b77835 eclass: add devicejail user/group, cuse group by Eric Caruso · 7 months ago factory-gru-9017.B release-R56-9000.B stabilize-8992.B stabilize-9000.26.B stabilize-9000.29.0 stabilize-9000.29.B stabilize-9000.82.B stabilize-9000.84.B stabilize-9000.87.0.B stabilize-9000.87.B stabilize-9000.91.0.B stabilize-9000.B
  19. 14c7f6a Remove imageloaderd from the supplemental groups. by Greg Kerr · 8 months ago
  20. a1e328b enewuser/enewgroup: skip acct creation on devices by Mike Frysinger · 8 months ago stabilize-8975.B