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commit c2e06e0ea0b4a1cbb67049ab77a80f53646fb0b2
Author: Alexis Ballier <>
Date: Tue Dec 23 12:27:19 2014 +0100
Add support for rospack_norecurse to avoid recursing into all subdirectories when looking for a package.
I am installing ros into /usr, hence this searches in /usr/share. I have a lot of directories, not ROS related, into /usr/share (e.g. a full TeX Live install), and I get these timings:
Without rospack_norecurse in /usr/share:
$ time rosversion rospack
real 0m2.861s
user 0m1.588s
sys 0m1.267s
With rospack_norecurse in /usr/share:
$ time rosversion rospack
real 0m0.135s
user 0m0.100s
sys 0m0.034s
This is on a desktop with a SSD drive. On an arm board, with much less packages in /usr/share but way much slower I/O I remember hitting the 10 seconds timeout for roscore to start.
diff --git a/src/rospkg/ b/src/rospkg/
index e55acec..7ed98de 100644
--- a/src/rospkg/
+++ b/src/rospkg/
@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ from .stack import parse_stack_file, InvalidStack
_cache_lock = Lock()
-def list_by_path(manifest_name, path, cache):
+def list_by_path(manifest_name, path, cache, recurse=True):
List ROS stacks or packages within the specified path.
@@ -53,6 +53,7 @@ def list_by_path(manifest_name, path, cache):
:param manifest_name: MANIFEST_FILE or STACK_FILE, ``str``
:param path: path to list resources in, ``str``
:param cache: path cache to update. Maps resource name to directory path, ``{str: str}``
+ :param recurse: search recursively in subdirectories ``bool``
:returns: complete list of resources in ROS environment, ``[str]``
resources = []
@@ -89,9 +90,15 @@ def list_by_path(manifest_name, path, cache):
# optimization for stacks.
del dirs[:]
continue #leaf
- elif 'rospack_nosubdirs' in files:
+ elif 'rospack_nosubdirs' in files or not recurse:
del dirs[:]
continue #leaf
+ elif 'rospack_norecurse' in files:
+ for sd in dirs:
+ spath = os.path.join(d, sd)
+ resources += list_by_path(manifest_name, spath, cache, False)
+ del dirs[:]
+ continue
# remove hidden dirs (esp. .svn/.git)
[dirs.remove(di) for di in dirs if di[0] == '.']
return resources