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<glsa id="200407-03">
<title>Apache 2: Remote denial of service attack</title>
A bug in Apache may allow a remote attacker to perform a Denial of Service
attack. With certain configurations this could lead to a heap based buffer
<product type="ebuild">Apache</product>
<announced>July 04, 2004</announced>
<revised>December 30, 2007: 02</revised>
<package name="www-servers/apache" auto="yes" arch="*">
<unaffected range="ge">2.0.49-r4</unaffected>
<unaffected range="lt">2</unaffected>
<vulnerable range="le">2.0.49-r3</vulnerable>
The Apache HTTP Server Project is an effort to develop and maintain an
open-source HTTP server for modern operating systems. The goal of this
project is to provide a secure, efficient and extensible server that
provides services in tune with the current HTTP standards.
A bug in the protocol.c file handling header lines will cause Apache to
allocate memory for header lines starting with TAB or SPACE.
<impact type="normal">
An attacker can exploit this vulnerability to perform a Denial of Service
attack by causing Apache to exhaust all memory. On 64 bit systems with more
than 4GB of virtual memory a possible integer signedness error could lead
to a buffer based overflow causing Apache to crash and under some
circumstances execute arbitrary code as the user running Apache, usually
There is no known workaround at this time. All users are encouraged to
upgrade to the latest available version:
Apache 2 users should upgrade to the latest version of Apache:
# emerge sync
# emerge -pv ">=www-servers/apache-2.0.49-r4"
# emerge ">=www-servers/apache-2.0.49-r4"</code>
<uri link="">Georgi Guninski security advisory #70, 2004</uri>
<uri link="">CAN-2004-0493</uri>
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