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<glsa id="200512-03">
<title>phpMyAdmin: Multiple vulnerabilities</title>
Multiple flaws in phpMyAdmin may lead to several XSS issues and local and
remote file inclusion vulnerabilities.
<product type="ebuild">phpmyadmin</product>
<announced>December 11, 2005</announced>
<revised>December 11, 2005: 01</revised>
<package name="dev-db/phpmyadmin" auto="yes" arch="*">
<unaffected range="ge">2.7.0_p1</unaffected>
<vulnerable range="lt">2.7.0_p1</vulnerable>
phpMyAdmin is a tool written in PHP intended to handle the
administration of MySQL over the web.
Stefan Esser from Hardened-PHP reported about multiple
vulnerabilties found in phpMyAdmin. The $GLOBALS variable allows
modifying the global variable import_blacklist to open phpMyAdmin to
local and remote file inclusion, depending on your PHP version
(CVE-2005-4079, PMASA-2005-9). Furthermore, it is also possible to
conduct an XSS attack via the $HTTP_HOST variable and a local and
remote file inclusion because the contents of the variable are under
total control of the attacker (CVE-2005-3665, PMASA-2005-8).
<impact type="normal">
A remote attacker may exploit these vulnerabilities by sending
malicious requests, causing the execution of arbitrary code with the
rights of the user running the web server. The cross-site scripting
issues allow a remote attacker to inject and execute malicious script
code or to steal cookie-based authentication credentials, potentially
allowing unauthorized access to phpMyAdmin.
There is no known workaround at this time.
All phpMyAdmin users should upgrade to the latest version:
# emerge --sync
# emerge --ask --oneshot --verbose &quot;&gt;=dev-db/phpmyadmin-2.7.0_p1&quot;</code>
<uri link="">CVE-2005-3665</uri>
<uri link="">CVE-2005-4079</uri>
<uri link="">PMASA-2005-8</uri>
<uri link="">PMASA-2005-9</uri>
<uri link="">Hardened-PHP Advisory 25/2005</uri>
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