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<glsa id="200702-02">
<title>ProFTPD: Local privilege escalation</title>
A flaw in ProFTPD may allow a local attacker to obtain root privileges.
<product type="ebuild">proftpd</product>
<announced>February 13, 2007</announced>
<revised>February 13, 2007: 01</revised>
<package name="net-ftp/proftpd" auto="yes" arch="*">
<unaffected range="ge">1.3.1_rc1</unaffected>
<vulnerable range="lt">1.3.1_rc1</vulnerable>
ProFTPD is a powerful, configurable, and free FTP daemon.
A flaw exists in the mod_ctrls module of ProFTPD, normally used to
allow FTP server administrators to configure the daemon at runtime.
<impact type="high">
An FTP server administrator permitted to interact with mod_ctrls could
potentially compromise the ProFTPD process and execute arbitrary code
with the privileges of the FTP Daemon, which is normally the root user.
Disable mod_ctrls, or ensure only trusted users can access this
All ProFTPD users should upgrade to the latest version:
# emerge --sync
# emerge --ask --oneshot --verbose &quot;&gt;=net-ftp/proftpd-1.3.1_rc1&quot;</code>
<uri link="">CVE-2006-6563</uri>
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