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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<glsa id="201405-02">
<title>libSRTP: Denial of Service</title>
<synopsis>A vulnerability in libSRTP can result in a Denial of Service
<product type="ebuild">libsrtp</product>
<announced>May 03, 2014</announced>
<revised>May 03, 2014: 1</revised>
<package name="net-libs/libsrtp" auto="yes" arch="*">
<unaffected range="ge">1.4.4_p20121108-r1</unaffected>
<vulnerable range="lt">1.4.4_p20121108-r1</vulnerable>
<p>libSRTP is an Open-source implementation of the Secure Real-time
Transport Protocol.
<p>A flaw was found in how the crypto_policy_set_from_profile_for_rtp()
function applies cryptographic profiles to an srtp_policy in libSRTP.
<impact type="normal">
<p>A remote attacker could exploit this vulnerability to crash an
application linked against libSRTP, resulting in Denial of Service.
<p>There is no known workaround at this time.</p>
<p>All libSRTP users should upgrade to the latest version:</p>
# emerge --sync
# emerge --ask --oneshot --verbose
<uri link="">CVE-2013-2139</uri>
<metadata tag="requester" timestamp="Tue, 04 Feb 2014 14:44:21 +0000">Zlogene</metadata>
<metadata tag="submitter" timestamp="Sat, 03 May 2014 13:23:32 +0000">