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<maintainer type="person">
<name>Sergei Trofimovich</name>
<description>Mostly user.</description>
<longdescription>ProFTPD grew out of the desire to have a secure and
configurable FTP server, and out of a significant admiration of the Apache web
<flag name="authfile">Enable support for the auth-file module</flag>
<flag name="ban">Enable support for the mod_ban module</flag>
<flag name="case">Enable support for the mod_case module</flag>
<flag name="ctrls">Enable support for the mod_ctrls and mod_ctrls_admin modules</flag>
<flag name="copy">Enable support for the mod_copy module</flag>
<flag name="deflate">Enable support for the mod_deflate module</flag>
<flag name="diskuse">Enable support for the mod_diskuse module</flag>
<flag name="dso">Enable support for the mod_dso module</flag>
<flag name="dynmasq">Enable support for the mod_dynmasq module, for dynamically updating MasqueradeAddress for dyndns-like scenarios)</flag>
<flag name="exec">Enable support for the mod_exec module. WARNING: this could be a security risk</flag>
<flag name="ident">Enable support for the mod_ident module</flag>
<flag name="ifsession">Enable support for the ifsession module</flag>
<flag name="ifversion">Enable support for the mod_ifversion module</flag>
<flag name="linguas_bg_BG">Language support for bg_BG</flag>
<flag name="linguas_fr_FR">Language support for fr_FR</flag>
<flag name="linguas_it_IT">Language support for it_IT</flag>
<flag name="linguas_ja_JP">Language support for ja_JP</flag>
<flag name="linguas_ru_RU">Language support for ru_RU</flag>
<flag name="log_forensic">Enable support for the mod_log_forensic module, log only suspicious actions.</flag>
<flag name="memcache">Enable support for the mod_memcache module, for using memcached servers</flag>
<flag name="msg">Enable support for the mod_msg module, allows system users to send messages to connected clients via the ftpdctl program.</flag>
<flag name="qos">Enable support for the mod_qos module</flag>
<flag name="ratio">Enable support for the mod_ratio module</flag>
<flag name="readme">Enable support for the mod_readme module</flag>
<flag name="rewrite">Enable support for the rewrite module</flag>
<flag name="shaper">Enable support for the mod_shaper module</flag>
<flag name="sftp">Enable support for the mod_sftp module and optionally mod_sftp_sql and mod_sftp_pam if matching USE flags are enabled</flag>
<flag name="sitemisc">Enable support for the sitemisc module</flag>
<flag name="softquota">Enable support for the quotatab module</flag>
<flag name="trace">Build with trace support. Should not be enabled on production servers</flag>
<flag name="unique_id">Enable support for the mod_unique_id module, every connection gets unique ID.</flag>
<flag name="vroot">Enable support for the virtual root module</flag>
<remote-id type="sourceforge">gssmod</remote-id>
<remote-id type="github">Castaglia/proftpd-mod_vroot</remote-id>