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<!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "">
<name>Steve Arnold</name>
<longdescription>Unbundled GPS daemon and library to support USB and serial
GPS devices and various GPS/mapping clients, such as GPSDrive, kismet, and
<flag name='garmin'>Enable support for Garmin simple text protocol</flag>
<flag name='gpsd_user'>Add gpsd user for daemon privileges.</flag>
<flag name='minimal'>Reduced install set, limited number of devices and
client, no X deps</flag>
<flag name='ntp'>Enable <pkg>net-misc/ntp</pkg> shared memory interface
and PPS kernel support for GPS time</flag>
<flag name='pl2303'>Enable udev rules for PL2303 USB-serial converter</flag>
<flag name='ocean'>Enable OceanServer support</flag>
<flag name='tntc'>Enable True North Technologies digital compass support</flag>