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GNU Emacs is an extensible, customizable text editor - and more. At its core
is an interpreter for Emacs Lisp, a dialect of the Lisp programming language
with extensions to support text editing. The features of GNU Emacs include:
* Content-sensitive editing modes, including syntax coloring, for a wide
variety of file types including plain text, source code, and HTML.
* Complete built-in documentation, including a tutorial for new users.
* Support for many languages and their scripts, including all the European
"Latin" scripts, Russian, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai,
Vietnamese, Lao, Ethiopian, and some Indian scripts.
* Highly customizable, using Emacs Lisp code or a graphical customization
* A large number of extensions that add other functionality, including a
project planner, mail and news reader, debugger interface, calendar, and
more. Many of these extensions are distributed with GNU Emacs; others are
available separately.
<flag name='gzip-el'>Compress bundled Emacs Lisp source</flag>
<flag name='hesiod'>Enable support for <pkg>net-dns/hesiod</pkg></flag>
<flag name='leim'>Add support for Emacs input methods</flag>
<flag name='sendmail'>Build Emacs with MTA support</flag>
<flag name='sound'>Enable sound</flag>
<flag name='toolkit-scroll-bars'>Use the selected toolkit's scrollbars in
preference to Emacs' own scrollbars</flag>