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<name>Lance Albertson</name>
<name>Doug Goldstein</name>
<flag name='udev'>Use <pkg>sys-fs/udev</pkg> to determine available
<flag name='iscsi'>Add support for iSCSI (Internet SCSI) remote
<flag name='lvm'>Add support for the Logical Volume Manager
<flag name='lxc'>Add support for the Linux Containers</flag>
<flag name='openvz'>Add support for <pkg>sys-kernel/openvz-sources</pkg>
OpenVZ-based virtual machines</flag>
<flag name='parted'>Add support for the <pkg>sys-apps/parted</pkg>
partition editor</flag>
<flag name='uml'>Add support for User Mode Linux based virtual
<flag name='qemu'>Add support for <pkg>app-emulation/qemu</pkg> based
virtual machines</flag>
<flag name='xen'>Add support for <pkg>app-emulation/xen</pkg> based
virtual machines</flag>
<flag name='network'>Enable networking support for guests</flag>
<flag name='virtualbox'>Adds support for VirtualBox based virtual
<flag name='numa'>Use NUMA for memory segmenting via
<flag name='nfs'>Allow the libvirtd daemon store VM images on NFS
<flag name='libvirtd'>Builds the libvirtd daemon as well as the client
utilities instead of just the client utilities</flag>
<flag name='phyp'>Support the PHYP hypervisor protocol</flag>
<flag name='one'>Support the ONE hypervisor protocol</flag>