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-*- outline -*-
* Gentoo Specific Notes
** "The SBCL patch"
For Lambda-GTK to work on SBCL, a 3rd party patch is required for SBCL. You can
enable this patch in SBCL via the "callbacks" USE flag.
** Generation of the FFI interface
The Gentoo port uses the default API target distributed with Lambda-GTK.
** Avoiding the CL-USER namespace
The Gentoo port includes an ASDF system which includes code to create a new
package "GTK-USER". Symbols originally exported to the CL-USER package
namespace are instead exported to the GTK-USER package namespace. The idea here
is to preserve CL-USER for the end user.
** Examples
Examples included with Lambda-GTK are available via the LAMBDA-GTK-EXAMPLES
definition system. ie.
(asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op :lambda-gtk-examples)