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This is a clone of Evan Bailey's game Bubbles. Why did I reinvent the wheel? In
this case, the wheel is made in Game Maker, so anyone who wants to do any
serious programming would not be able to unless they A) ran Windows and B) ran a
program that doesn't give the user very great power. OpenBubbles is written in
C++ using SDL, so the programmer has some pretty powerful tools at his/her
disposal; in addition, because SDL is cross-platform, OpenBubbles can be ported
to any (major) platform, including Windows. Of course, I only run Unix, so I
will only be producing Unix source code. Though it was a relatively minor issue,
Evan's license is only semi-free because it doesn't permit commercial use of the
source code. Now, you are free to make as much money as you want off of
improvements of OpenBubbles (provided, of course, that you share them with me
and everyone else under the GPL, too).