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# ChangeLog for media-libs/libswf
# Copyright 2002-2007 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
# $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/media-libs/libswf/ChangeLog,v 1.17 2007/05/15 10:25:37 bangert Exp $
15 May 2007; Thilo Bangert <> metadata.xml:
add <herd>no-herd</herd>
22 Feb 2007; Piotr Jaroszyński <> ChangeLog:
Transition to Manifest2.
26 Dec 2005; Simon Stelling <> libswf-0.99.ebuild:
moving the has_multilib_profile call to pkg_config, this time for real
11 Aug 2005; Diego Pettenò <> libswf-0.99.ebuild:
Call has_multilib_profile from pkg_setup instead of global scope.
21 Jun 2005; Danny van Dyk <> libswf-0.99.ebuild:
Fixed keywords. This package is natively x86 and doesn't run on hppa or ppc!
Added logic to work cleanly on amd64 (BUG #96458).
20 Jul 2004; Patrick Kursawe <> libswf-0.99.ebuild:
Fixing bug 57334 by changing swftest to ./swftest in the Makefile.
01 Jul 2004; Jeremy Huddleston <> libswf-0.99.ebuild:
virtual/glibc -> virtual/libc
*libswf-0.99 (1 Feb 2002)
19 Jun 2003; Joshua Kinard <> libswf-0.99.ebuild:
Changed sparc to -sparc and added -mips to KEYWORDS, as this lib "seems" to be
x86-only. ppc and hppa people should double check this lib and mask as
15 May 2003; Patrick Kursawe <> libswf-0.99.ebuild:
Hopefully fixed bug 20346 (problem while unpacking, seems default unpack
changed behaviour)
20 Mar 2003; Guy Martin <> libswf-0.99.ebuild :
Added hppa to keywords.
06 Dec 2002; Rodney Rees <> : changed sparc ~sparc keywords
02 Nov 2002; Calum Selkirk <> libswf-0.99.ebuild :
Added ppc to KEYWORDS.
06 Aug 2002; Seemant Kulleen <> libswf-0.99.ebuild :
Made some changes to fix unpacking the tar.Z file and other changes as
outlined by (Steven Wong) in bug #6092
1 Feb 2002; G.Bevin <> ChangeLog :
Added initial ChangeLog which should be updated whenever the package is
updated in any way. This changelog is targetted to users. This means that the
comments should well explained and written in clean English. The details about
writing correct changelogs are explained in the skel.ChangeLog file which you
can find in the root directory of the portage repository.