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# Copyright 1999-2010 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL v2
# $Header: $
DD MMM YYYY; YOUR_NAME <YOUR_EMAIL> changed_file1, changed_file2 :
Initial import. Ebuild submitted by submitter_name <submitter_email>.
Note that the "changed_file" listing is optional if you are simply bumping
the rev of the ebuild and are only making changes to the .ebuild file
itself. Also note that we now have a single unified paragraph rather than
having the first line separated from the rest by a newline. Everything
should be in one block like this. (note by drobbins, 16 Jul 2002)
DD MMM YYYY; YOUR_NAME <YOUR_EMAIL> changed_file1, changed_file2: this is
an earlier ChangeLog entry.
-- Explanation of ChangeLog format:
THIS IS IMPORTANT: The ChangeLog format is a *chronological* account of all
changes made to a set of ebuilds. That means that the most recent ChangeLog
entry *always* goes at the top of the file. More explanation below.
ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: There are some ChangeLogs that don't follow this
format and organize all changes under the "correct" "*" entry. This is not
correct. However, rather than making a concerted effort to fix these
ChangeLogs, we should spend our energy defining a comprehensive and strict
XML-based ChangeLog format which we then migrate to. But for any entries to
any ChangeLog that *you* make, please make sure to always add entries to the
top of the file like a good boy/girl. Even do this if it's clear that you're
adding an entry to a b0rked ChangeLog.
This changelog is targeted to users. This means that the comments should be
well explained and written in clean English.
Every new version or revision of the package should be marked by a '*'
separator line as above to indicate where in the chronology it was first
added to our CVS tree. Any changes since the last revision, really _any
changes at all_ have to be added to the top of the file, underneath the
initial copyright and cvs header comments, in exactly the same format as this
comment. If you are modifying older ebuilds, simply note them as changed
files and add your entry to the top of the ChangeLog. Resist the temptation
to "organize" your ChangeLog entries by placing them under the "correct" "*"
entries -- this isn't the purpose of the "*" entries.
This means that you start with header line that has the following format,
indented two spaces:
DD MMM YYYY; your_name <your_email> changed_file1, changed_file2: Your
explanation should follow. It should be indented and wrapped at a line width
of 80 characters. The changed_files can be omitted if they are obvious; for
example, if you are only modifying the .ebuild file and committing a new rev
of a package. Any details about what exactly changed in the code should be
added as a message when the changes are committed to cvs, not in this file.
-- A word regarding credit:
Please add credit information ("ebuild submitted by ...", "patch submitted
by ...") to the ChangeLog. Do not add this information to the ebuilds
And remember: Give credit where credit is due. We're all doing this for
free, so the best we can hope (and expect!) to receive is credit.