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ChromeOS Shared OWNERS Tree

See go/cros-shared-owners:design for in-depth background.

Developers & teams are encouraged to self organize as makes sense for their particular project and needs. There is no council that hands out names :). When picking new names, make sure to review the guidance below to minimize leakage.


At a high level, the structure should follow this pattern:

  • {generic organizational name}/
    • OWNERS: Used to grant self-update permissions to specific files. Never use these outside of this repository.
    • OWNERS.all: Include all the subgroups in here, iff it makes sense to.
    • OWNERS.{grouping}: The group of developers for a particular purpose.

The special organizational name meta is for OWNERS files which do not list specific individuals, but instead are used for a stable file path for mass-inclusion purposes that may not necessarily correspond to a team boundary. For example, meta/OWNERS.overlays specifies who has owners on all overlays.

When adding a new group, try to find an existing subdir to use. If none are appropriate, feel free to propose one by reaching out to CrOS infra.

Subdirs of subdirs are not currently permitted. If you think it makes sense to organize that way, feel free to reach out to CrOS infra.

Once an OWNERS.{grouping} file has been created and referenced elsewhere in the CrOS tree, it cannot be removed. A {new grouping} can be created, and the old one changed to include the new name. See Branching below for more info.


For projects on the public chromium GoB host, use:

include chromiumos/owners:v1:/path/to/OWNERS.file

For projects on the private chrome-internal GoB host, use:

include chromeos/owners:v1:/path/to/OWNERS.file

The v1 is the current repository version; see Branching below for more info.

Adjust the /path/to/OWNERS.file part to match the path in this repository. It should always be absolute (i.e. have a leading /).

Never include a plain OWNERS file from here as those are meant for use within this repository itself. Only ever include OWNERS.{grouping} externally.


The filenames in here, and the developers listed in them, present a challenge when it comes to leaking information. We don‘t want to make it easy for external people to calculate organization sizes or allocations (i.e., have Microsoft Windows determine that we’re dedicating 20 people to CrOS Infra), or to leak codenames and launch information.

So to that end, try to keep groups aligned to public codenames, and to public projects when possible. Avoid secret codenames or other non-public terms.

OWNERS Content

When writing the actual OWNERS.{grouping} files, make sure to follow:

  • Rotations/group lists (e.g. GwsQ rotations or Google Groups) may be listed. Remember that this is only to help reviewers find a good contact via Gerrit -- members are not automatically expanded, so everyone still must be listed explicitly in the file.
  • Comments are allowed, although they are unlikely to be seen by developers since Gerrit ignores them.
  • Never use noparent or per-file directives. These should be kept in the respective projects that include this file instead. For example, we would not use set noparent in /infra/ in here, but we might use it in chromite's OWNERS file which includes /infra/
  • If developers have linked their & account, only one needs to be listed. If they're not linked, and both are used (e.g., on chrome-internal GoB & on chromium GoB), then both must be listed in order for the files to work on both GoB hosts.


This repository is usable in any CrOS branch as it is not automatically branched itself. This repository's branch name reflects the version of its layout since files may not be removed once added & referenced in a branch. This is how we provide stability in older CrOS branches without having to go through and update all the historical references.

If a particular grouping or naming no longer makes sense, the file has to remain in place to keep branches working. Even if code doesn't exist in ToT, it might exist in a much older branch (e.g. firmware), and we might need to update those.

For example, a device has gone EOL, or a project has been shutdown, or has been renamed, or merged into a different project. In all these cases, please try to find an existing group who can provide coverage, and include that OWNERS.{file}.

Updating the layout

If we've gotten to the point where there are too many of these old names around, we can create a new versioned branch. The process looks like:

  • If we're at v1 today, then create v2 starting at the existing v1.
  • Update the CrOS manifest to use v2 in the checkout.
    • This is safe to land immediately -- this project is in the manifest out of convenience only. It has no relationship to the includes used in actual OWNERS files in the tree.
  • Make any layout changes desired -- rename, delete, etc... files.
  • Update this document & the common linter to start requiring v2.
  • Manually check out the old v1 branch and change all of its files to include owners from this repository's v2.
    • This keeps all existing OWNERS files working, including in old branches, and avoids having to land updates to all of them.


Can these files be included from other Gerrit hosts?

No. The Gerrit code-owners system does not support that.

The reason it works with the chrome-internal & chromium GoB hosts is because we have set up explicit syncing mechanisms between the two.

Should I use my or address?

If your accounts are linked, then use whichever one you prefer.

If your accounts are not linked, you will probably need to list both.

Why do I get [code-owners] code owner email '' in '/foo/' cannot be resolved when X's accounts are linked?

The same email ( or needs to be set as preferred email in Gerrit's settings for the internal and chromium instance. See the settings:

Can we list non-Googlers (e.g. partners)?

We do not normally put non-Googlers in OWNERS files, but it isn't unheard of.

For now, partners should be not be listed here. Instead, list them in the specific OWNERS where the partner is granted access. This will help avoid accidentally adding them to places they shouldn't.