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/* Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <camera/camera_metadata.h>
#include "hal/usb/image_processor.h"
namespace cros {
// CachedFrame contains a source FrameBuffer and a cached, converted
// FrameBuffer. The incoming frames would be converted to YU12, the default
// format of libyuv, to allow convenient processing.
class CachedFrame {
// SetSource() doesn't take ownership of |frame|. The caller can only release
// |frame| after calling UnsetSource(). SetSource() immediately converts
// incoming frame into YU12. Return non-zero values if it encounters errors.
// If |rotate_degree| is 90 or 270, |frame| will be cropped, rotated by the
// specified amount and scaled.
// This function will return an error if |rotate_degree| is not 0, 90, or
// 270.
int SetSource(const FrameBuffer* frame, int rotate_degree, bool test_pattern);
void UnsetSource();
uint8_t* GetSourceBuffer() const;
size_t GetSourceDataSize() const;
uint32_t GetSourceFourCC() const;
uint8_t* GetCachedBuffer() const;
uint32_t GetCachedFourCC() const;
int GetWidth() const;
int GetHeight() const;
// Caller should fill everything except |data_size| and |fd| of |out_frame|.
// The function will do format conversion and scale to fit |out_frame|
// requirement.
// If |video_hack| is true, it outputs YU12 when |hal_pixel_format| is YV12
// (swapping U/V planes). Caller should fill |fourcc|, |data|, and
// Return non-zero error code on failure; return 0 on success.
int Convert(const android::CameraMetadata& metadata,
FrameBuffer* out_frame,
bool video_hack = false);
int ConvertToYU12(bool test_pattern);
// When we have a landscape mounted camera and the current camera activity is
// portrait, the frames shown in the activity would be stretched. Therefore,
// we want to simulate a native portrait camera. That's why we want to crop,
// rotate |rotate_degree| clockwise and scale the frame. HAL would not change
// CameraInfo.orientation. Instead, framework would fake the
// CameraInfo.orientation. Framework would then tell HAL how much the frame
// needs to rotate clockwise by |rotate_degree|.
int CropRotateScale(int rotate_degree);
// CachedFrame does not take the ownership of |source_frame_|.
const FrameBuffer* source_frame_;
// Temporary buffer for cropped and rotated results.
std::unique_ptr<SharedFrameBuffer> rotated_frame_;
// Cache YU12 decoded results.
std::unique_ptr<SharedFrameBuffer> yu12_frame_;
// ImageProcessor instance.
std::unique_ptr<ImageProcessor> image_processor_;
} // namespace cros