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* Copyright 2018 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#include <alsa/asoundlib.h>
/* Initialize new alsa_conformance_args object and set default value. */
struct alsa_conformance_args *args_create();
/* Destroy alsa_conformance_args object. */
void args_destroy(struct alsa_conformance_args *args);
/* Return playback device name. */
const char *
args_get_playback_dev_name(const struct alsa_conformance_args *args);
/* Return capture device name. */
const char *args_get_capture_dev_name(const struct alsa_conformance_args *args);
/* Return number of channels of argument. */
unsigned int args_get_channels(const struct alsa_conformance_args *args);
/* Return format of argument. */
snd_pcm_format_t args_get_format(const struct alsa_conformance_args *args);
/* Return rate of argument. */
unsigned int args_get_rate(const struct alsa_conformance_args *args);
/* Return period size of argument. */
args_get_period_size(const struct alsa_conformance_args *args);
/* Return block size of each write. */
unsigned int args_get_block_size(const struct alsa_conformance_args *args);
/* Return duration of argument. */
double args_get_duration(const struct alsa_conformance_args *args);
/* Return device file of argument. */
const char *args_get_device_file(const struct alsa_conformance_args *args);
/* Return whether it is in device info only mode. */
int args_get_dev_info_only(const struct alsa_conformance_args *args);
/* Return iterations of argument. */
int args_get_iterations(const struct alsa_conformance_args *args);
/* Return merge threshold. */
double args_get_merge_threshold(const struct alsa_conformance_args *args);
/* Set playback device name. */
void args_set_playback_dev_name(struct alsa_conformance_args *args,
const char *name);
/* Set capture device name. */
void args_set_capture_dev_name(struct alsa_conformance_args *args,
const char *name);
/* Set channels of argument. */
void args_set_channels(struct alsa_conformance_args *args,
unsigned int channels);
/* Set format of argument. */
void args_set_format(struct alsa_conformance_args *args,
const char *format_str);
/* Set rate of argument. */
void args_set_rate(struct alsa_conformance_args *args, unsigned int rate);
/* Set period size of argument. */
void args_set_period_size(struct alsa_conformance_args *args,
unsigned int period_size);
/* Set block size for each write. */
void args_set_block_size(struct alsa_conformance_args *args, unsigned int size);
/* Set duration of argument. */
void args_set_duration(struct alsa_conformance_args *args, double duration);
/* Set device file of argument. */
void args_set_device_file(struct alsa_conformance_args *args, const char *name);
/* Set info only flag of argument. */
void args_set_dev_info_only(struct alsa_conformance_args *args, int flag);
/* Set iterations of argument. */
void args_set_iterations(struct alsa_conformance_args *args, int iterations);
/* Set merge threshould */
void args_set_merge_threshold(struct alsa_conformance_args *args,
double merge_threshold);