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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""ChromeOS bisector to bisect a range of chromeos versions.
$ ./ init --old rev1 --new rev2 --dut DUT
$ ./ config switch ./
$ ./ config eval ./
$ ./ run
When running switcher and evaluator, following environment variables
will be set:
BOARD (e.g. samus),
CROS_FULL_VERSION (e.g. R62-9876.0.0),
CROS_SHORT_VERSION (e.g. 9876.0.0),
CROS_VERSION (e.g. R62-9876.0.0).
DUT (e.g. samus-dut), and
MILESTONE (e.g. 62).
from __future__ import print_function
import logging
from bisect_kit import bisector_cli
from bisect_kit import cli
from bisect_kit import configure
from bisect_kit import core
from bisect_kit import cros_util
from bisect_kit import errors
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def get_revlist(board, old, new, use_snapshot=False):'get_revlist %s %s %s', board, old, new)'use_snapshot: %s', use_snapshot)
full_versions, details = cros_util.list_chromeos_prebuilt_versions(
board, old, new, use_snapshot=use_snapshot)
short_versions = [cros_util.version_to_short(v) for v in full_versions]
if cros_util.is_cros_snapshot_version(old):
old_idx = full_versions.index(old)
old_idx = short_versions.index(cros_util.version_to_short(old))
if cros_util.is_cros_snapshot_version(new):
new_idx = full_versions.index(new)
new_idx = short_versions.index(cros_util.version_to_short(new))
return full_versions[old_idx], full_versions[new_idx], full_versions, details
class ChromeOSVersionDomain(core.BisectDomain):
"""BisectDomain for chromeos versions."""
revtype = staticmethod(cros_util.argtype_cros_version)
help = globals()['__doc__']
def add_init_arguments(parser):
help='Address of DUT (Device Under Test). Either --dut or '
'--board need to be specified')
help='ChromeOS board name. Either --dut or --board need '
'to be specified')
help='Disable snapshot for bisect chromeos prebuilt')
def init(opts):
if not opts.dut and not opts.board:
raise errors.ArgumentError('--dut and --board', 'Neither is specified')
if not cros_util.is_ancestor_version(opts.old,
raise errors.ArgumentError(
'--old and --new', '%s is not ancestor of %s' % (opts.old,
if opts.dut:
assert cros_util.is_dut(opts.dut)
if not opts.board:
opts.board = cros_util.query_dut_board(opts.dut)
if not cros_util.has_test_image(opts.board, opts.old):
raise errors.ArgumentError(
'--old', '%s has no image for %s' % (opts.board, opts.old))
if not cros_util.has_test_image(opts.board,
raise errors.ArgumentError(
'--new', '%s has no image for %s' % (opts.board,
old, new, revlist, details = get_revlist(
opts.board, opts.old,, use_snapshot=not opts.disable_snapshot)
config = dict(dut=opts.dut, board=opts.board, old=old, new=new)
for i in range(1, len(revlist)):
link = cros_util.get_crosland_link(revlist[i - 1], revlist[i])
details[revlist[i]]['actions'] = [{'link': link}]
return config, {'revlist': revlist, 'details': details}
def __init__(self, config):
self.config = config
def setenv(self, env, rev):
if self.config['dut']:
env['DUT'] = self.config['dut']
env['BOARD'] = self.config['board']
assert cros_util.is_cros_full_version(
rev) or cros_util.is_cros_snapshot_version(rev)
if cros_util.is_cros_snapshot_version(rev):
milestone, short_version, _ = cros_util.snapshot_version_split(rev)
milestone, short_version = cros_util.version_split(rev)
env['MILESTONE'] = milestone
env['CROS_SHORT_VERSION'] = short_version
env['CROS_FULL_VERSION'] = rev
env['CROS_VERSION'] = rev
def fill_candidate_summary(self, summary):
if 'current_range' in summary:
old, new = summary['current_range']
summary['links'] = [
'name': 'change_list',
'url': cros_util.get_crosland_link(old, new),
if __name__ == '__main__':