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// This is the sample file for default configurations of bisect-kit.
// The search order of config file is:
// 1. config file specified by command line --rc
// 2. config file specified by environment variable BISECT_KIT_CONFIG
// 3. <current working directory>/bisect_kit.json
// 4. <bisect-kit's root>/bisect_kit.json
// To activate this config file, you need to specify --rc,
// $BISECT_KIT_CONFIG, or rename it to bisect_kit.json.
// Includes additional config files.
// For relative paths, they are relative to the config file.
// The files are loaded in DFS order.
"include": [
// Plugins to load, which are usually for patching internal functions.
// These will be loaded at the time of program start up. If "loaded" function
// exists in the plugin, it will be invoked. The plugins are loaded by the
// order of the list.
"plugins": [
// Options
// For command line options, the precedence is
// 1. specified on the command line
// 2. values from config files (here you are)
// 3. environment variable
// 4. default value specified at command line argument declaration
// If an option is specified in multiple config files, last loaded file has
// higher precedence. And precedence of parent config file is higher than
// children files.
"options": {