Implement bind() and recvmsg() for Bluetooth sockets

1) Python's socket.bind() method does not supply the hci_channel member
   of the sockaddr_hci.

2) Python 2.7 does not provide the recvmsg() syscall (3.3 finally does).

Implement a module that wraps the built-in socket object replacing the
bind() method call with one that calls a C-implemented wrapper for bind()
that can provide the extra argument, and that provides recvmsg() and
recvmsg_into() methods that call a C implementation.

The recvmsg() and recvmsg_into() method calls are based on the Python 3.3

src/bluetooth.h and src/hci.h are copied verbatim from BlueZ 5.4 without

TEST=import socket, btsocket
 s = btsocket.socket()
 s.bind((btsocket.HCI_DEV_NONE, btsocket.HCI_CHANNEL_MONITOR))
 s.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET, btsocket.SO_TIMESTAMP, 1)
 b1 = bytearray(6)
 b2 = bytearray(btsocket.HCI_MAX_ACL_SIZE - 6)
 s.recvmsg_into((b1, b2), 32, 0)

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