Rewrite most `Foo* field_` pointer fields to `raw_ptr<Foo> field_`.

DO NOT REVERT (unless absolutely necessary)! Report build breaks to keishi@(APAC)/glazunov@(EMEA)/sebmarchand@(NA) as soon as you see them. Fixes are expected to be trivial.

This commit was generated automatically, by running the following script: tools/clang/rewrite_raw_ptr_fields/ on commit fe74bc434e5b7e92d13a328362fcb6df15d8847e

For more information, see MiraclePtr One Pager [1], the PSA at chromium-dev@ [2], and the raw_ptr documentation in //base/memory/

FYI This CL does not enable MiraclePtr protection and we expect no behavior change from this.


Binary-Size: Increase of around 500kb was approved for MiraclePtr
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Bug: 1272324, 1073933
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