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  5. diagnostic_writer.cc
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  7. diagnostic_writer_unittest.cc
  9. reader.cc
  10. reader.h
  11. reader_fuzzer.cc
  12. reader_unittest.cc
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  17. writer.cc
  18. writer.h
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cbor: Concise Binary Object Representation

This library is a partial implementation of the RFC 7049 Concise Binary Object Representation standard.

The source code was fetched from chromium/src (https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src/+/242df8b64d2a0ab5f057d1d4c76ea8537fdbb789) in order to avoid code duplication.

The cros/upstream/master branch is a mirror of the components/cbor directory from upstream. It is automatically updated to reflect the latest changes in upstream.

How to update the source

To pull in updates from chromium/src, do the following:

  • git checkout -b upstream cros/upstream/master
  • git checkout master
  • git merge --allow-unrelated-histories upstream
    • Expect merge conflicts, because of the difference in header paths.
    • OWNERS should use the version from master.
    • BUILD.gn should mostly use the version from master, unless the upstream changes the files to be built.
    • The #include paths should use the version from master (without “components/”). This should be the majority of the merge conflicts.
    • In the commit message of the merge, list the changes from upstream that are merged, with original commit hash from upstream.
    • Check the changes introduced by your merge by doing a diff against the commit before the merge. The difference should be the same as the changes in the upstream.