Framework for automating external display testing across VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort (DP); see

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  1. c57b5b7 Updater: Adding tags to improve Chameleon Updater by Eugene Low · 2 days ago main
  2. 3f59324 v3: move stress_edid to v3/clients by Alexandru M Stan · 13 days ago stabilize-15483.B stabilize-15485.B
  3. 5c123bd v3: reimplemented utilitary clients by Alexandru M Stan · 13 days ago
  4. a7d7cf2 move chameleond/drivers/ and dependencies into v3/ by Alexandru M Stan · 13 days ago
  5. 783d317 chameleon: XMLRPC: update the USB audio flow. by YJ Lee · 3 weeks ago release-R115-15474.B
  6. 5f23241 utils: add check_audiobox_jackplugger script by Eugene Low · 4 weeks ago
  7. 4837ee1 v3/ec: Fix the BOARD_ROOT by Paul Fagerburg · 5 weeks ago
  8. 32022ac v3/enclosure: update 3D models and drawings by Paul Fagerburg · 5 weeks ago
  9. ee06ff5 v3: alarm: ansible: remove intermediate/ directory by Alexandru M Stan · 6 weeks ago release-R114-15437.B stabilize-15437.42.B stabilize-15439.B stabilize-15446.B
  10. 39defae v3: alarm: ansible: Set NTP to by Alexandru M Stan · 7 weeks ago stabilize-15432.B
  11. 6f74c41 v3/ec: change signature for SYS_INIT functions by Paul Fagerburg · 7 weeks ago stabilize-15429.B
  12. 33670f3 v3/ec: update comment on AUXP voltage by Paul Fagerburg · 8 weeks ago
  13. 85292f0 v3/ec: remove pull-up from USD_CD_DET by Paul Fagerburg · 8 weeks ago
  14. 84da7ef v3: ec: Add some headers that nanopb requires by Jack Rosenthal · 9 weeks ago stabilize-15415.B
  15. dde6be7 Remove stm32reset by Alexandru M Stan · 2 months ago
  16. 73993af v3/ec: fix zmake build errors outside chroot by Paul Fagerburg · 3 months ago
  17. e16f140 v3/ec: update to build with ToT by Paul Fagerburg · 3 months ago
  18. 5d32e25 v3: ec: Make less kconfig warnings by Jack Rosenthal · 3 months ago stabilize-15395.B
  19. f6834cc chameleond: update newly-added api response to be compatible with go by YJ Lee · 3 months ago release-R113-15393.B stabilize-15393.48.B stabilize-15393.58.B
  20. 3c44a57 v3: alarm: ansible: default ~/.bash_history by Alexandru M Stan · 3 months ago firmware-skyrim-15390.B