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# Copyright 2020 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
The tarball wbs_xxxx.tbz2 contains the executables and shared libraries of
customized pulseaudio and ofono packages with wideband speech capability.
The customized packages were made on a Raspberry Pi. They exist in tarball
format so that the deployment is fast. Otherwise, it would take about 20 mins
for compilation and installation on a Pi 4B platform.
When the changes are pushed to upstream and become available in raspbian,
we can remove this tarball.
The tarball wbs_xxxx.tbz2 is required to be packed into the chameleon bundle.
The tarball wbs_xxxx.tbz2 is itself placed in the git-ignored path,
chameleon/dist/, so that the tarballs will not take git space.
Only the latest wbs_xxxx.tbz2 is required to make a chameleon bundle.
In the tarball wbs_xxxx.tbz2, the 'xxxx' means the patch number.
To upload a wbs tarball to Google cloud storage:
(cros) ~/trunk/src/platform/chameleon $ ./deploy/release_bundle \
0001: bluetooth: WBS: MSBC encoder support
This is the 3rd party patch for enabling WBS on pulseaudio.
0002: backend-ofono: always use dlen 60 for the builtin BT
This patch configures the correct mtu size with the builtin
Cypress Bluetooth chip and improves the HFP NBS primary frequency
precision significantly.
0003: module-bluez5-device: sleep to wait for SCO socket to be ready
On some platforms on which Bluetooth controllers are connected
through the UART bus, we need to wait for the socket to be ready.
Such platforms include minnie, mickey, etc.
For patches after 0002, they are stored in this directory so that it is
possible to construct the correct pulseaudio git tree with all patches.
Instructions to build pulseaudio
- Do a git clone of the pulseaudio source.
- Do a hard reset to the pulseaudio 12 release.
- Apply all the patches.
- ./; make -j 4; sudo make install && sudo ldconfig;
- reboot