Bluetooth: update mgmt setup to use secure-connection for LE

The previous mgmt setup no longer working with the latest Raspberry Pi
OS, Linux 5.10.17 + BlueZ 5.50. Without a secure-connection feature
explicitly set, the LE connection initiated by the device may use a
different address type than the one used during bonding, causing the
connection to fail. This patch update uses the secure-connection and
turns off the unnecessary settings.

TEST=bluetooth_AdapterQuickHealth.AVL passed with Raspberry Pi with
TEST=kernel 5.10, 5.4, and 4.19.

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diff --git a/chameleond/utils/ b/chameleond/utils/
index 4629826..72bfe3b 100644
--- a/chameleond/utils/
+++ b/chameleond/utils/
@@ -342,9 +342,8 @@
     if use_ble:
       state_change_cmds = ['sudo btmgmt power off',
                            'sudo btmgmt le on',
-                           'sudo btmgmt privacy on',
                            'sudo btmgmt bredr off',
-                           'sudo btmgmt ssp on',
+                           'sudo btmgmt sc on',
                            'sudo btmgmt power on']