Remove unused Disconnect method in BluetoothHIDFlow

This method does not appear to be used, and has a name collision
with code in the RN42 class, which we do use.

Flip the method resolution order in BluetoothHIDMouseFlow,
so that if this conflict happens again, we'll be more likely
to catch it when editing the BluetoothHIDMouse hierarchy.

Added a note to help remind future readers that this functionality
exists in case it becomes relevant, as other flows seem to use it.

TEST=Run this code on the Chameleon board:
$ make && make remote-install CHAMELEON_HOST=$CHAMELEON_IP
Execute the non-flaky non-stress tests that use this code,
and watch them pass:
$ test_that --board ${BOARD} --args "chameleon_host=${CHAMELEON_IP}" \
${DUT_IP} bluetooth_AdapterPairing.mouse \
bluetooth_AdapterPairing.mouse.pairing_twice \

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