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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2019 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""The control interface of Bluetooth base flow module driver."""
from __future__ import print_function
# TODO: to port chromite.lib.cros_logging to replace legacy logging
import logging # pylint: disable=cros-logging-import
import os
from . import chameleon_common # pylint: disable=W0611
# pylint: disable=C0411
from chameleond.devices import chameleon_device
from chameleond.utils import bluetooth_virtual_device
from chameleond.utils import system_tools
class Servod(object):
"""A simple object that performs Servod operations."""
CONFIG_PATH = '/usr/local/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/servo/data'
# TODO: We had better figure out a way to auto detect the config path to use.
'kukui': 'krane_rev1.xml',
def __init__(self):
"""Initializes a Servod object."""
self._board = ''
self._config = ''
self._start_servod_cmd = ''
self._start_servod_cmd_list = []
self._servod = None
self._measure_power_cmd_list = ['dut-control', 'pp3300_wlan_mw', '-t', '3']
def SetBoard(self, board):
self._board = board
self._config = os.path.join(self.CONFIG_PATH, self.CONFIG.get(board, ''))
if not os.path.isfile(self._config):
logging.error('The servod config path does not exist: %s', self._config)
return False
return True
def GetStartCmd(self):
if self._start_servod_cmd_list == []:
if bool(self._board) and bool(self._config):
cmd = 'servod -b %s -c %s' % (self._board, self._config)
self._start_servod_cmd_list = cmd.split()
logging.error('GetStartCmd failed.')
return self._start_servod_cmd_list
def GetBoard(self):
return self._board
def Start(self):
if self._servod:
logging.error('Trying to start Servod when it is still running.')
return False
cmd_list = self.GetStartCmd()'cmd_list: %s', str(cmd_list))
if bool(cmd_list):
cmd_name = cmd_list[0]
cmd_args = cmd_list[1:]
self._servod = system_tools.SystemTools.RunInSubprocess(
cmd_name, *cmd_args)'Servod is started.')
return True
return False
def MeasurePowerConsumption(self):
"""Measure the power consumption.
The output format looks like
@@ pp3300_wlan_mw 415 2.61 1.97 10.00 0.00
We would like to return the AVERAGE value which is 2.61 in the example.
proc = system_tools.SystemTools.RunInSubprocess(
(return_code, out, err) = system_tools.SystemTools.GetSubprocessOutput(proc)
if return_code:
logging.error('measureing power return %d, error: %s', return_code, err)
return None
for line in out.splitlines():
if '@@' in line and 'pp3300_wlan_mw' in line:
items = line.split()
if len(items) < 3:
logging.error('power number format errors: %s', line)
avg_power = items[3]
logging.debug('avg_power: %s', str(avg_power))
return avg_power
return None
def Stop(self):
if self._servod is None:
logging.error('Stop Servod before starting it.')
return False
if self._servod.poll() is None:
self._servod.terminate()'Servod is terminated.')
self._servod = None
return True
return False
class BluetoothBaseFlow(chameleon_device.VirtualFlow,
"""A flow object that simply acts as a XMLRPC server."""
def __init__(self, port_id, usb_ctrl):
"""Initializes a BluetoothBaseFlow object.
port_id: the port id that represents the type of port used.
usb_ctrl: a USBController object that BluetoothHIDFlow references to.
self._port_id = port_id
self._usb_ctrl = usb_ctrl
self.servod = None
self._device_type = None
self, self.DEVICE_TYPE)
def SpecifyDeviceType(self, device_type):
"""Instantiates one of our supported devices
To be compatible with the SpecifyDeviceType() in
device_type: String device type, e.g. "BLUETOOTH_BASE"
# Do nothing if we were already bound to this device
if self._device_type == device_type:
return True
if self._device_type is not None:
logging.error('Peripheral already bound to device: %s', self._device_type)
return False
if device_type == 'BLUETOOTH_BASE':
# This base device type does not need any bluez service. It can be used
# for any generic services other than bluez.
self._device_type = device_type'The peer device is now bound to %s', device_type)
return True
logging.error('The device type %s is not allowed in BluetoothBaseFlow',
return False
def EnableServod(self, board):
servod = Servod()
if servod.SetBoard(board):
self.servod = servod
return True
return False