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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""Audio codec modules."""
import logging
import time
from . import chameleon_common # pylint: disable=W0611
from chameleond.utils import i2c
class CodecInput(object):
"""Available audio codec input options."""
NONE = 'None'
MIC = 'Mic'
LINEIN = 'LineIn'
class CodecOutput(object):
"""Available audio codec output options."""
LINEOUT = 'LineOut'
class AudioCodecException(Exception):
"""Exception raised when any error in AudioCodec."""
class AudioCodec(i2c.I2cSlave):
"""A class to control SSM2603 audio codec on chameleon."""
def Initialize(self):
"""Runs the initialization sequence for the chip."""
if self._Enabled():'Already enabled')
return'Initialize audio codec chip.')
self.Set(0x17, 0x0c) # power on clock, crystal, dac
self.Set(0x12, 0x08) # select dac, no line-in bypass
self.Set(0x00, 0x0a) # dac no mute
self.Set(0x00, 0x10) # SR=0000, 48k, MCLK/256
time.sleep(0.073) # 10.1uF on VMID, 73ms needed
self.Set(0x01, 0x12) # activate digital core
self.Set(0x07, 0x0c) # power on output'Wait for audio codec chip to turn on...')
while not self._Enabled():
time.sleep(0.1)'Audio codec chip turned on')
def _Enabled(self):
"""Checks if codec is already enabled."""
return (self.Get(0x0c) & 0x80) == 0
def SelectInput(self, input_path):
"""Selects an input path.
By selecting an input path, codec will start recording data from that path
and output to CODEC input of AudioRouteController.
input_path: NONE, MIC, or LINEIN in CodecInput
AudioCodecException if input_path is not valid.
"""'Select codec input path to %r', input_path)
if not self._Enabled():
raise AudioCodecException('Codec is not initialized')
if input_path == CodecInput.NONE:
elif input_path == CodecInput.MIC:
elif input_path == CodecInput.LINEIN:
raise AudioCodecException('%s is not a valid input' % input_path)
def _SelectInputNone(self):
"""Disables recording from MIC nor LINEIN."""'Select input to NONE on codec chip.')
self.Set(0x97, 0x00) # mute left linein
self.Set(0x97, 0x02) # mute right linein
self.Set(0x12, 0x08) # select linein
self.Set(0x07, 0x0c) # disable adc/mic/linein
def _SelectInputMic(self):
"""Starts recording from MIC."""'Select input to MIC on codec chip.')
self.Set(0x97, 0x00) # mute left linein
self.Set(0x97, 0x02) # mute right linein
self.Set(0x14, 0x08) # select mic
self.Set(0x01, 0x0c) # enable adc and mic
def _SelectInputLineIn(self):
"""Starts recording from LINEIN."""'Select input to LINEIN on codec chip.')
self.Set(0x17, 0x00) # enable left linein
self.Set(0x17, 0x02) # enable right linein
self.Set(0x12, 0x08) # select linein
self.Set(0x02, 0x0c) # enable adc and linein