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# Copyright 2017 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""A manager for all chameleon devices."""
import logging
from chameleond.devices import chameleon_device
from chameleond.utils import ids
class DeviceManager(object):
"""A device manager for managing chameleon devices."""
def __init__(self, devices_table):
"""Constructs a DeviceManager object.
devices_table: The table of chameleon devices. It's a dict with device
id as key and a device object as value. The parent class of the
of the device must be a ChameleonDevice.
User can't change the content of devices_table at runtime.
If the object inherit from class Flow means that the device is a flow
based device.
ids.AVSYNC_PROBE: avsync_probe_object,
ids.DP1: dp1_object,
ids.DP2: dp2_object
self._devices_table = devices_table
self._detected_devices = {}
self._detected_flows = {}
def Init(self):
"""Detect and initialize all chameleon devices."""
self._detected_devices = {}
self._detected_flows = {}
for device_id, device in list(self._devices_table.items()):
name = ids.DEVICE_NAMES[device_id]
if not device.IsDetected():'Device %s is not detected', name)
continue'Device %s is detected', name)
self._detected_devices.update({device_id: device})
if isinstance(device, chameleon_device.Flow):
self._detected_flows.update({device_id: device})'Add device %s, port #%d to detected flow',
name, device_id)
for device in list(self._detected_devices.values()):
def Reset(self):
"""Reset all detected chameleon devices."""
for device in list(self._detected_devices.values()):
def GetChameleonDevice(self, device_id):
"""Get exist chameleon device instance.
device_id: The id of the device.
An chameleon device object. None for undetected device.
return self._detected_devices.get(device_id)
def GetDetectedFlows(self):
"""Get exist flow-based chameleon devices' instance.
A dict with port id as a key and flow object as value.
return self._detected_flows