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# Lint as: python2, python3
# Copyright 2016 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""The canvas object of LCM display.
It is the temporary memory for storing the bitmap of black-and-white LCM
display, by the format of 2-D byte array.
Based on NT7534 SPI data write protocol, display area is divided into pages per
8 pixels in height. Display data is transfered by unit of a byte (8-pixel),
and each represents a 8(height)x1(width) pixel values in the same page.
For example, let's say a pixel[64][128] array. It will have 64/8=8 pages in
total. For each page it has 128 bytes data, each byte counts as a column. In
canvas, the whole bitmap will be stored in byte[8][128] array.
from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import print_function
import array
from . import chameleon_common # pylint: disable=W0611
from chameleond.utils import lcm_font
from six.moves import range
class LcmCanvasError(Exception):
"""Exception raise when any unexpected behavior happened on LCM canvas."""
class LcmCanvas(object):
"""A Class for LCM canvas."""
def __init__(self, height, width, boot_screen=None):
"""Constructs a LcmCanvas object.
height: The display height in pixels.
width: The display width in pixels.
boot_screen: The bitmap file for boot screen; None for blank screen only.
if height % self._PAGE_HEIGHT != 0:
raise LcmCanvasError('Canvas height must be the multiple of %d...' %
self._height = height
# Total pages of LcdCanvas.
self.pages = height / self._PAGE_HEIGHT
# Total columns of LcdCanvas.
self.columns = width
# The maximum lengths of printing characters in a line of LcdCanvas.
self.max_char_length = self.columns / lcm_font.FONT_WIDTH
# The maximum lines for printing characters of LcdCanvas.
self.max_char_lines = height / lcm_font.FONT_HEIGHT
# Create an 2-D byte array of bitmap.
self.bitmap = []
for _ in range(self.pages):
self.bitmap.append(array.array('c', [chr(0x00)] * self.columns))
if boot_screen:
def Clear(self, byte=0x00):
"""Clears the bitmap with default byte.
byte: The defaulkt byte.
for page in range(self.pages):
for column in range(self.columns):
self.SetByte(byte, page, column)
def DrawChar(self, char, line, column, highlight, underline):
"""Draws a character to bitmap.
char: The character.
line: The line number of location.
column: The column number of location.
highlight: Whether character is highlighted.
underline: Whether character is underlined.
page = line * lcm_font.FONT_PAGES
if highlight:
font = lcm_font.GetHighlightFont(char)
elif underline:
font = lcm_font.GetUnderlineFont(char)
font = lcm_font.GetFont(char)
for y in range(lcm_font.FONT_HEIGHT / self._PAGE_HEIGHT):
for x in range(lcm_font.FONT_WIDTH):
font_index = y * lcm_font.FONT_WIDTH + x
self.SetByte(font[font_index], page + y, column + x)
def DrawFromFile(self, bitmap_file):
"""Draws the bitmap from given bitmap file.
bitmap_file: The bitmap file.
with open(bitmap_file) as f:
bitmap_in =
for page in range(self.pages):
for column in range(self.columns):
self.SetByte(ord(bitmap_in[page * self.columns + column]), page, column)
def SetByte(self, byte, page, column):
"""Sets a byte to bitmap.
byte: The byte.
page: The page number of location.
column: The column number of location.
self.bitmap[page][column] = chr(byte)
except IndexError:
raise LcmCanvasError('Request index out of range: page=%d column=%d' %
(page, column))
def SetPixel(self, pixel, y, x):
"""Sets a pixel to bitmap.
pixel: 1 for filled pixel; 0 for blank pixel.
y: The y-direction location in pixels.
x: The x-direction location in pixels.
page = y / self._PAGE_HEIGHT
bitmask = 0x1 << (y % self._PAGE_HEIGHT)
byte = ord(self.bitmap[page][x])
if pixel:
self.bitmap[page][x] = chr(byte | bitmask)
self.bitmap[page][x] = chr(byte & ~bitmask)
except IndexError:
raise LcmCanvasError('Request index out of range: page=%d column=%d' %
(page, x))