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# Copyright 2016 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""The module provides utils to dump memory from a ring buffer periodically."""
import logging
import multiprocessing
from chameleond.utils import system_tools
class MemoryDumperError(Exception):
"""Exception in MemoryDumper."""
class MemoryDumper(multiprocessing.Process):
"""Dumping memory from a ring buffer to a file in a subprocess."""
def __init__(self, file_path, adump, dump_callback):
"""Initializes a MemoryDumper.
file_path: The file path to dump data to. Note that the data will be
appended to the end of the file.
adump: an AudioDump object for dumper control on FPGA.
dump_callback: The dumper will call this callback immediately after
dumping samples.
super(MemoryDumper, self).__init__()
# These page count variables all refer to logical page count.
self._last_page_count = None
self._last_last_page_count = None
self._current_page_count = None
self._page_count_in_this_period = None
self._file_path = file_path
self._adump = adump
self._stop_event = multiprocessing.Event()
self._dump_callback = dump_callback
self.daemon = True
def Stop(self):
"""Stops the periodic dumping process."""
def run(self):
"""Runs the periodic dumping process.
Note that the audio page count should really start from 0, and this
should not be called too lately, or the page count in the first period
may be greater than MAX_DUMP_PAGES.
self._last_page_count = 0
while True:
if self._stop_event.is_set():
def _GetPageCountInThisPeriod(self, current_physical_page_count):
"""Handles page count wrapping to get page count in this period.
The physical page count read from adump register wraps around
adump.PAGE_COUNT_WRAP_SIZE. This function uses
self._last_page_count (logical count) and current_physical_page_count
(physical count) to get the logical difference of them.
For example, if last logical page count is 0x1f000, current physical
page count read from register is 0x0010, wrap size is 0x10000, then
logical difference of page count is
(0x0010 + 0x10000) - (0x1f000 % 0x10000) = 0x10010 - 0xf000 = 0x1010.
MemoryDumperError: If this function fails to handle wrapping.
difference = (current_physical_page_count -
(self._last_page_count % self._adump.PAGE_COUNT_WRAP_SIZE))
if difference < 0:'Handle page count wrapping for physical current page '
'count 0x%x, logical last page count 0x%x',
current_physical_page_count, self._last_page_count)
difference += self._adump.PAGE_COUNT_WRAP_SIZE
if difference < 0:
raise MemoryDumperError('Failed to handle wrapping. Difference = 0x%x' %
self._page_count_in_this_period = difference
def _HandleOnePeriod(self):
"""Handles the work to be done in a period.
The work includes:
1. Gets the physical page count from dumper.
2. Handles page count wrapping to get page count in this period.
3. Updates current page count to be logical current page count.
4. Checks if there is overflow, that is, too many pages to be dumped.
5. Appends the data from memory dump area to the end of the target file.
6. Updates the variables for last and last last page count.
# Gets current physical page count from dumper.
current_physical_page_count = self._adump.GetCurrentPageCount()
# Gets the page count difference in this period. Possibly handles wrapping.
# Gets current logical page count.
self._current_page_count = (self._last_page_count +
'Current page count: 0x%x. Last page count: 0x%x. '
'Page count in this period: 0x%x',
self._current_page_count, self._last_page_count,
# No data received in this period.
if self._page_count_in_this_period == 0:
def _CheckOverlap(self):
"""Checks the buffered data is not overlapped.
Checks the data written by hardware in this period does not overlap with
data to be dumped in the last period.
Period 0 1 2 3 4
Write by FPGA: A B C D E
Read by MemoryDumper: A B C D
In each period, the sum of data range (e.g. A+B, B+C, C+D, D+E) should be
less than page limit, that is, the maximum number of pages in ring buffer.
However, we can only check the data of each period in the next period after
the data is written by FPGA.
E.g., in period 2, we can check B+A is less than page limit in ring buffer,
and makes sure the data written in period 1 (B) did not overlap with data
read in period 1 (A).
MemoryDumperError if buffered page count is larger than page limit.
if self._last_last_page_count is not None:
# buffered pages is the sum of pages to be read in this period by
# MemoryDumper and pages to be written in this cycle
buffered_pages = self._current_page_count - self._last_last_page_count'buffered_pages: 0x%x, max: 0x%x', buffered_pages,
if buffered_pages > self._adump.MAX_DUMP_PAGES:
raise MemoryDumperError(
'Bufferred pages %s more than page limit %s' % (
buffered_pages, self._adump.MAX_DUMP_PAGES))
def _GetProjectedPageIndex(self, page_count):
"""Gets the projected page index from page_count.
page_count: The page count. It will keep increasing and become larger
than page limit. We need to wrap it around the
end to get the page index to be used to access the memory.
The projected page index in [0, self._adump.MAX_DUMP_PAGES - 1].
return page_count % self._adump.MAX_DUMP_PAGES
def _DumpPages(self):
"""Dumps a logical range of pages for this period.
Note that if this range wraps around the end of ring buffer, we need to
dump it in two steps.
MemoryDumperError if page count in this period is larger than page limit.
if self._page_count_in_this_period > self._adump.MAX_DUMP_PAGES:
raise MemoryDumperError(
'Too many pages %s in this period' % self._page_count_in_this_period)
start_page_index = self._GetProjectedPageIndex(self._last_page_count)
end_page_index = self._GetProjectedPageIndex(self._current_page_count)
if end_page_index < start_page_index:
start_page_index, self._adump.MAX_DUMP_PAGES - start_page_index)
0, end_page_index)
start_page_index, self._page_count_in_this_period)
def _DumpPagesFromMemoryAppendToFile(self, start_page_index, page_count):
"""Dumps a physical range of pages and appends the data to a file.
start_page_index: The start page index. The page index is between 0 and
page limit - 1.
page_count: The number of pages.
MemoryDumperError if the range to dump is invalid.
MemoryDumperError if pixeldump returns error.
"""'Dump from page index 0x%x with count 0x%x',
start_page_index, page_count)
if start_page_index + page_count > self._adump.MAX_DUMP_PAGES:
raise MemoryDumperError(
'Wrong page range, start: 0x%x, count: 0x%x' % (
start_page_index, page_count))
start_address = (self._adump.start_address +
start_page_index * self._adump.PAGE_SIZE)
command = ['pixeldump', '-a', start_address, '-', self._adump.PAGE_SIZE,
page_count, 1]'Dump: %s', command)
p = system_tools.SystemTools.RunInSubprocess(*command)
(return_code, out, err) = system_tools.SystemTools.GetSubprocessOutput(
p, decode=False)
if return_code:
logging.error('Dump return %d, error: %s', return_code, err)
raise MemoryDumperError(err)
with open(self._file_path, 'a') as f:
def _UpdateOnePeriod(self):
"""Updates the variables for page count."""
self._last_last_page_count = self._last_page_count
self._last_page_count = self._current_page_count