Launchbugs Redirect

Launchbugs -- Launch

launchbugs.html is a helper that opens filtered launchbugs based on Milestones, Test Engineers, and EngProd Bit Approvers on go/launch

Launchbugs Old -- Monorail

launchbugsold.html is a helper that opens filtered launchbugs based on Milestones, Test Engineers, Status, and Components on Monorail



Navigate to go/launchbugs? Filter by Milestone: go/launchbugs?m=105 Filter by Test Engineers: go/launchbugs?te=dhaddock Filter by Team: go/launchbugs?team=cons Filter by Engprod Approvers: go/launchbugs?a=dhaddock Filter by Multiple Ldaps: go/launchbugs?te=dhadock,awendy&a=dhadock,awendy Filter by Unassigned Launches for a given Milestone: go/launchbugs?te=new&m=109


Navigate to go/launchbugsold? Filter by Milestone: go/launchbugsold?m=105 Filter by Test Engineers: go/launchbugsold?te=dhaddock Filter by Status: go/launchbugsold?m=105&s=Fixed Filter by Component IIRC: go/launchbugsold?c=UI>Shell>StatusArea Filter by Team: go/launchbugsold?team=coreX


After modifying the script, please make sure that the old functionalities are still working

Some good urls to test in Launch:

  • go/launchbugs?
  • go/launchbugs?te=new
  • go/launchbugs?m=105
  • go/launchbugs?m=105&te=dhaddock
  • go/launchbugs?te=dhaddock
  • go/launchbugs?team=cons
  • go/launchbugs?a=dhaddock
  • go/launchbugs?team=comm&m=105

Some good urls to test in Monorail:

  • go/launchbugsold?
  • go/launchbugsold?te=new
  • go/launchbugsold?m=105
  • go/launchbugsold?m=105&te=dhaddock
  • go/launchbugsold?te=dhaddock
  • go/launchbugsold?team=corex
  • go/launchbugsold?team=corex&m=105
  • go/launchbugsold?&m=101&te=dhaddock&s=Fixed
  • go/launchbugsold?team=corex&m=101&te=sdantuluri&status=Fixed&c=OS>Systems>Update