depthcharge: remove unused sections from linker script

Sections cparams, shared_data, and gbb_copy are no longer used.
Remove them from the linker script, and also remove any relevant

* shared_data used to store vboot1-style VbSharedDataHeader
  struct.  This struct is now stored as a global in
  commonparams.c within vboot_handoff, and passed to
  VbSelectAndLoadKernel and VbVerifyMemoryBootImage.

* gbb_copy used to be used to store a copy of GBB data which was
  read on depthcharge initialization.  Now, vboot uses its
  existing copy from firmware verification stage.  It exposes GBB
  data via vboot API functions.

* cparams used to be the vehicle by which shared_data and
  gbb_copy were sent into VbSelectAndLoadKernel and

BUG=b:124141368, chromium:954774
TEST=Build locally

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