Cache server optimization : Bottle neck is GCE bot type hardware.

Cache server is crashing due to multiple concurrent execution of cacheGShandler. cacheGSHandler is responsible for downloading files from gs to host.During execution cache server isn't storing anything in memory than just the default 32KB buffer during copy.
Limiting the number of concurrent executions to 8 and also reducing the buffer size to 16KB. This would mean more CPU cycles which seems alright as per stats seen while testing.
Adding fix to log output to log.txt instead of stdout.

TEST=go build ./
TEST=docker run -it -m 20MB --rm --network host --volume ~/chromiumos/src/platform/dev/src/chromiumos/prototytpe/cache/cmd/cacheserver:/creds cache:14 bash -c 'export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=/creds/auth.json && cacheserver --port 8080'

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