openwrt: Use new build info format with features

We are formalizing the build info format and adding a UUID and
feature list to it as part of the new infra lab support for these
images. The build info file format is now defined in the chromeos
config repo.

This change updates the project to use the local version of the
chromeos config repo to create the build info file. Features are
specified by a new CLI param, and the existing build script has
been updated to include it.

Additional data has been added to the build info file that will
be useful in organizing and identifying images, such as the device
name and OpenWrt version. Logic has been added to collect this data
with the image builder. As a result, the image is now built twice
to get data from the os-release file as it was the cleanest way to
consistently retrieve it. Retrieving the data was seen as more
important than the 1-2 minutes of extra image building time it adds.

Since we are using the device name to organize images moving forward,
the build script has been renamed to match it as well.

TEST=unit tests pass; successfully built and installed image and
verified build info file is as expected

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