CHROMIUM: verity: remove dead code in dm_bht_verify_path

The depth == 0 check is no longer necessary as depth can never
be zero at this point. We check depth > 0 at the top of the while
loop and only decrement depth at the bottom and before the continue.

TBR=wad (code already LGTMed and submitted to kernel.git)
TEST= Ran dm-verity.git unit tests. Ran platform_DMVerityCorruption on H/W.

Signed-off-by: Mandeep Singh Baines <>

kernel.git Review URL:

Change-Id: Ic28e1ddeefa1dbd9d0fe3f93b689bfcc4e240bc6

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diff --git a/dm-bht.c b/dm-bht.c
index bc662cb..c1c2d19 100644
--- a/dm-bht.c
+++ b/dm-bht.c
@@ -737,12 +737,6 @@
 			goto mismatch;
-		/* At depth 0, we're at the page underneath the root node and
-		 * leave its validation to a separate path.
-		 */
-		if (depth == 0)
-			break;
 		/* We need to check that this entry matches the expected
 		 * hash in the parent->nodes.