Revert "atomictest: To have primary plane attached to CRTC before enabling/disabling of CRTC"

This reverts commit 61f988f4faa8cd8ffd153bfd94cda01b4c4be875.

Reason for revert: graphics.DRM.atomic_test_crtc_ctm has been failing on multiple boards since this change landed.

Original change's description:
> atomictest: To have primary plane attached to CRTC before enabling/disabling of CRTC
> [why]
> test_multiple_planes fails with "failed to find mode" error during
> enable_crtc as primary plane is not attached to CRTC
> [how]
> Attach a primary plane to CRTC if not already attached before enabling
> CRTC. Keep the primary plane attached to CRTC until CRTC is disabled.
> As there are few disable_plane called on primary plane before
> disable_crtc, the same has been removed/avoided. Also, primary plane
> pointer is saved so that disable_plane can be called on primary plane
> after disable_crtc. Saving of primary plane pointer is necessary before
> disable_crtc as it clears all the pointers.
> BUG=b:209738841
> TEST="atomictest -t multiple_planes" passes without below errors
> ERROR:enable_crtc():atomictest.c:732:[CRTC:67]: failed to find mode
> ERROR:enable_crtc():atomictest.c:732:[CRTC:70]: failed to find mode
> ERROR:enable_crtc():atomictest.c:732:[CRTC:73]: failed to find mode
> ERROR:enable_crtc():atomictest.c:732:[CRTC:76]: failed to find mode
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Bug: b:209738841
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