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# Copyright (c) 2011 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# Embedded Controller firmware build system
# If we came here via a symlink we restart make and deduce the correct BOARD
# value from the current directory.
SYMLINK := $(shell readlink $(lastword $(MAKEFILE_LIST)))
ifneq (,$(SYMLINK))
.PHONY: restart
restart: .DEFAULT
@$(MAKE) -C $(dir $(SYMLINK)) \
--no-print-directory \
BOARD=$(notdir $(shell pwd))
BOARD ?= bds
# Output directory for build objects
include Makefile.toolchain
# The board makefile sets $CHIP and the chip makefile sets $CORE.
# Include those now, since they must be defined for _flag_cfg below.
include board/$(BOARD)/
include chip/$(CHIP)/
# Create uppercase config variants, to avoid mixed case constants.
# Also translate '-' to '_', so 'cortex-m' turns into 'CORTEX_M'. This must
# be done before evaluating config.h.
uppercase = $(shell echo $(1) | tr '[:lower:]-' '[:upper:]_')
UC_BOARD:=$(call uppercase,$(BOARD))
UC_CHIP:=$(call uppercase,$(CHIP))
UC_CHIP_FAMILY:=$(call uppercase,$(CHIP_FAMILY))
UC_CHIP_VARIANT:=$(call uppercase,$(CHIP_VARIANT))
UC_CORE:=$(call uppercase,$(CORE))
UC_PROJECT:=$(call uppercase,$(PROJECT))
# Transform the configuration into make variables. This must be done after
# the board/project/chip/core variables are defined, since some of the configs
# are dependent on particular configurations.
includes=include core/$(CORE)/include $(dirs) $(out) test
ifeq "$(TEST_BUILD)" "y"
_tsk_lst:=$(shell echo "CONFIG_TASK_LIST CONFIG_TEST_TASK_LIST" | \
$(CPP) -P -Iboard/$(BOARD) -Itest \
-D"TASK_NOTEST(n, r, d, s)=" -D"TASK_ALWAYS(n, r, d, s)=n" \
-D"TASK_TEST(n, r, d, s)=n" -imacros ec.tasklist \
-imacros $(PROJECT).tasklist)
_tsk_lst:=$(shell echo "CONFIG_TASK_LIST" | $(CPP) -P \
-Iboard/$(BOARD) -D"TASK_NOTEST(n, r, d, s)=n" \
-D"TASK_ALWAYS(n, r, d, s)=n" -imacros ec.tasklist)
_tsk_cfg:=$(foreach t,$(_tsk_lst) ,HAS_TASK_$(t))
CPPFLAGS+=$(foreach t,$(_tsk_cfg),-D$(t))
_flag_cfg:=$(shell $(CPP) $(CPPFLAGS) -P -dM -Ichip/$(CHIP) -Iboard/$(BOARD) \
include/config.h | grep -o "\#define CONFIG_[A-Z0-9_]*" | \
cut -c9- | sort)
$(foreach c,$(_tsk_cfg) $(_flag_cfg),$(eval $(c)=y))
_irq_list:=$(shell $(CPP) $(CPPFLAGS) -P -Ichip/$(CHIP) -Iboard/$(BOARD) \
-D"ENABLE_IRQ(x)=EN_IRQ x" -imacros chip/$(CHIP)/registers.h \
board/$(BOARD)/ec.irqlist | grep "EN_IRQ .*" | cut -c8-)
CPPFLAGS+=$(foreach irq,$(_irq_list),\
# Get build configuration from sub-directories
# Note that this re-includes the board and chip makefiles
include board/$(BOARD)/
include chip/$(CHIP)/
include core/$(CORE)/
$(eval BOARD_$(UC_BOARD)=y)
include common/
include driver/
include power/
-include private/
include test/
include util/
include util/lock/
objs_from_dir=$(sort $(foreach obj, $($(2)-y), \
$(out)/$(1)/$(firstword $($(2)-mock-$(PROJECT)-$(obj)) $(obj))))
# Get all sources to build
all-y=$(call objs_from_dir,core/$(CORE),core)
all-y+=$(call objs_from_dir,chip/$(CHIP),chip)
all-y+=$(call objs_from_dir,board/$(BOARD),board)
all-y+=$(call objs_from_dir,private,private)
all-y+=$(call objs_from_dir,common,common)
all-y+=$(call objs_from_dir,driver,driver)
all-y+=$(call objs_from_dir,power,power)
all-y+=$(call objs_from_dir,test,$(PROJECT))
dirs=core/$(CORE) chip/$(CHIP) board/$(BOARD) private common power test util
dirs+=$(shell find driver -type d)
include Makefile.rules
endif # SYMLINK