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/* Copyright 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
/* Charger/battery debug command module for Chrome EC */
#include "common.h"
/* Charger information
* voltage unit: mV
* current unit: mA
struct charger_info {
const char *name;
uint16_t voltage_max;
uint16_t voltage_min;
uint16_t voltage_step;
uint16_t current_max;
uint16_t current_min;
uint16_t current_step;
uint16_t input_current_max;
uint16_t input_current_min;
uint16_t input_current_step;
* Parameters common to all chargers. Current is in mA, voltage in mV.
* The status and option values are charger-specific.
struct charger_params {
int current;
int voltage;
int input_current;
int status;
int option;
int flags;
/* Get the current charger_params. Failures are reported in .flags */
void charger_get_params(struct charger_params *chg);
/* Bits to indicate which fields of struct charger_params could not be read */
#define CHG_FLAG_BAD_CURRENT 0x00000001
#define CHG_FLAG_BAD_VOLTAGE 0x00000002
#define CHG_FLAG_BAD_INPUT_CURRENT 0x00000004
#define CHG_FLAG_BAD_STATUS 0x00000008
#define CHG_FLAG_BAD_OPTION 0x00000010
/* All of the above CHG_FLAG_BAD_* bits */
#define CHG_FLAG_BAD_ANY 0x0000001f
/* Power state machine post init */
int charger_post_init(void);
/* Get charger information. */
const struct charger_info *charger_get_info(void);
/* Get smart battery charger status. Supported flags may vary. */
int charger_get_status(int *status);
/* Set smart battery charger mode. Supported modes may vary. */
int charger_set_mode(int mode);
* For chargers that are able to supply output power for OTG dongle, this
* function enables or disables power output.
int charger_enable_otg_power(int enabled);
* Sets OTG current limit and voltage (independent of whether OTG power is
* currently enabled).
* Depending on the charger and use case, one needs to be careful about
* changing the current/voltage while OTG power is enabled, and it might be wise
* to reset the value before enabling OTG power to ensure one does not provide
* excessive voltage to a device.
* @param output_current Requested current limit in mA, driver should
* round the value up.
* @param output_voltage Requested voltage in mV, driver should round the
* the value down.
* @return EC_SUCCESS on success, an error otherwise.
int charger_set_otg_current_voltage(int output_current, int output_voltage);
* Is the charger sourcing VBUS / OTG power?
* @param port The Type-C port number.
* @return 1 if sourcing VBUS, 0 if not.
int charger_is_sourcing_otg_power(int port);
* Return the closest match the charger can supply to the requested current.
* @param current Requested current in mA.
* @return Current the charger will actually supply if <current> is requested.
int charger_closest_current(int current);
* Return the closest match the charger can supply to the requested voltage.
* @param voltage Requested voltage in mV.
* @return Voltage the charger will actually supply if <voltage> is requested.
int charger_closest_voltage(int voltage);
/* Get/set charge current limit in mA */
int charger_get_current(int *current);
int charger_set_current(int current);
/* Get/set charge voltage limit in mV */
int charger_get_voltage(int *voltage);
int charger_set_voltage(int voltage);
/* Discharge battery when on AC power. */
int charger_discharge_on_ac(int enable);
/* Get the VBUS voltage (mV) from the charger */
int charger_get_vbus_voltage(int port);
/* Custom board function to discharge battery when on AC power */
int board_discharge_on_ac(int enable);
* Read the current total system power in uW (usually from PSYS).
* Can be negative if the PSYS output is not currently enabled (e.g. AP is off).
int charger_get_system_power(void);
/* Other parameters that may be charger-specific, but are common so far. */
/* Set desired input current value */
int charger_set_input_current(int input_current);
* Get actual input current value.
* Actual input current may be less than the desired input current set
* due to current ratings of the wall adapter.
int charger_get_input_current(int *input_current);
int charger_manufacturer_id(int *id);
int charger_device_id(int *id);
int charger_get_option(int *option);
int charger_set_option(int option);
int charger_set_hw_ramp(int enable);
/* Print all charger info for debugging purposes */
void print_charger_debug(void);
#endif /* __CROS_EC_CHARGER_H */