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/* Copyright 2014 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
* Event handling in MKBP keyboard protocol
* Last time the host received an interrupt.
* Retrieved via __hw_clock_source_read() as close as possible
* to the interrupt source. Intended to be virtually the same time the
* first line of the AP hard irq for the EC interrupt.
extern uint32_t mkbp_last_event_time;
* Sends an event to the AP.
* When this is called, the event data must be ready for query. Otherwise,
* when the AP queries the event, an error is returned and the event is lost.
* @param event_type One of EC_MKBP_EVENT_*.
* @return True if event succeeded to generate host interrupt.
int mkbp_send_event(uint8_t event_type);
* Communicate an MKBP event to the AP via custom method.
* This can be used if a board has a custom method.
int mkbp_set_host_active_via_custom(int active, uint32_t *timestamp);
* The struct to store the event source definition. The get_data routine is
* responsible for returning the event data when queried by the AP. The
* parameter 'data' points to where the event data needs to be stored, and
* the size of the event data should be returned.
struct mkbp_event_source {
uint8_t event_type;
int (*get_data)(uint8_t *data);
#define DECLARE_EVENT_SOURCE(type, func) \
const struct mkbp_event_source __keep \
__no_sanitize_address _evt_src_##type \
__attribute__((section(".rodata.evtsrcs"))) \
= {type, func}
#endif /* __CROS_EC_MKBP_EVENT_H */