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* Copyright 2015 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
* SPI flash protection register translation functions for Chrome OS EC.
#include "common.h"
* Common register bits for SPI flash. All registers / bits may not be valid
* for all parts.
#define SPI_FLASH_SR2_SUS BIT(7)
#define SPI_FLASH_SR2_CMP BIT(6)
#define SPI_FLASH_SR2_LB3 BIT(5)
#define SPI_FLASH_SR2_LB2 BIT(4)
#define SPI_FLASH_SR2_LB1 BIT(3)
#define SPI_FLASH_SR2_QE BIT(1)
#define SPI_FLASH_SR2_SRP1 BIT(0)
#define SPI_FLASH_SR1_SRP0 BIT(7)
#define SPI_FLASH_SR1_SEC BIT(6)
#define SPI_FLASH_SR1_TB BIT(5)
#define SPI_FLASH_SR1_BP2 BIT(4)
#define SPI_FLASH_SR1_BP1 BIT(3)
#define SPI_FLASH_SR1_BP0 BIT(2)
#define SPI_FLASH_SR1_WEL BIT(1)
/* SR2 register existence based upon chip */
#elif defined(CONFIG_SPI_FLASH_W25Q64) || defined(CONFIG_SPI_FLASH_GD25Q41B)
/* W25Q128 16 Mbyte SPI flash for testing */
* Computes block write protection range from registers
* Returns start == len == 0 for no protection
* @param sr1 Status register 1
* @param sr2 Status register 2
* @param start Output pointer for protection start offset
* @param len Output pointer for protection length
* @return EC_SUCCESS, or non-zero if any error.
int spi_flash_reg_to_protect(uint8_t sr1, uint8_t sr2, unsigned int *start,
unsigned int *len);
* Computes block write protection registers from range
* @param start Desired protection start offset
* @param len Desired protection length
* @param sr1 Output pointer for status register 1
* @param sr2 Output pointer for status register 2
* @return EC_SUCCESS, or non-zero if any error.
int spi_flash_protect_to_reg(unsigned int start, unsigned int len, uint8_t *sr1,
uint8_t *sr2);
#endif /* __CROS_EC_SPI_FLASH_REG_H */